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My husband and I went on a short golf trip a few months ago. Knowing my time was short, I worked quickly to finish the master bedroom remodel before he returned. Paint is the fastest way to transform any space. Today I'm sharing a review of Amy Howard At Home Paint. Hint, hint, I love it!

My husband was leaving for golf and I knew that I would have just four days to paint six pieces of furniture, build and install shelves, and put the room together again. Chalk paint seemed like the best way to do this. However, the Annie Sloan chalk paint store was closed near me and I was pressed for time. I sometimes make my chalk paint, so I went to Ace Hardware to get some paint colors. I was pleasantly surprised to find the Amy Howard At-Home One Step Paint. It was hard to believe that I would attempt to make something new with so little time. What if it was complicated to use? They had the perfect color! It was exactly what I wanted, Atelier grey, and the basic black. These two colors were available in sample sizes so I bought them. I decided that even though it was difficult to work with, it could be used for paint accessories and making my own chalk paint.

My nightstand was the first piece I began with. It was black that I wanted to paint. While I was cleaning my nightstand, I placed the small jar with paint upside-down (a sales associate had instructed me to do so) in my sink. Because I couldn't move the furniture down into the garage, I had to paint everything in my bedroom. Surprisingly, the paint did not have an odor. After the furniture had dried completely, I began painting. It was creamy and super easy to use. It took only 30 minutes to complete the entire piece. It's really that simple. Black paint was an example of this.

Amy Howard at Home Paint: A Quick Review

It was incredible. The black needed only one coat, while the Atelier required two. I wiped some paint off to see the original stain through. It was so easy to use Amy Howard at Home Paint that I was amazed! I was confident that I could paint every piece of furniture and complete my vision in time to surprise my husband. You like the way I said surprise him? Well, I knew that he would be horrified to hear that I was painting his bedroom furniture. The stain on the furniture was not something I liked. Although it looked orange to me, I bought it because it was the only furniture I could get delivered before my firstborn. I was nesting and needed it done. It was surprising to him, but it is easier to let him not see the mess in between projects.

After the nightstand was completed in such a short time, I enjoyed a cup of coffee and began planning my next piece. I then moved on to the secretary desk and chair. The intricate pieces meant that the desk would take a little longer to complete.

The desk was painted in the Atelier, and the chair in basic black. Even the cushion on the seat was reupholstered. The interior of the desk was left unfinished. I love the contrast of the stain and grey paint.

An armoire was also painted in the basic black, as well as a few mirrors. All of this was done with a small sample of paint. I have paint left over for future projects.

Amy Howard Paint: Redesign Your Space

My dresser is my favorite piece of furniture I have ever painted. I went back and forth about the color selection and finally settled on the Atelier. This is the right choice for me. I chose to leave the mirror in its original stain, and I'm glad I did.

I removed some of the paint to allow the stain to show through. This was the last piece I painted. I then waxed all of the pieces using the Amy Howard Wax. It was also very easy to use. This paint is a must-have if you have not tried it. All these pieces were painted with two small jars of paint. I still have paint in each jar.

I'm happy to report that the entire room was completed in just three days. This was largely due to the ease of Amy Howard One Step Paint!

FYI, my husband was thrilled with the transformation. You are not the only one who creates chaos when your spouse is away. Please share your stories in the comments!

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