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Review: The Dame Pom

The vibrator is awe-inspiring beautiful, adorable and following more than one year of tests it is one of our top picks.

Sexy toys are typically classified according to their design and use. Rabbit Vibrations are two-pronged with an extra prong to stimulate the clitoral. Magic wands are designed to look like a huge wad with a sharp, pulsing end. Bullet vibes are tiny, compact tubes that resemble -- you probably guessed it, bullets.

The vibrator, Dame Pom, is shaped as a marshmallow peep. It's hard to classify and is one of our absolute favorites.

Formed like a friend

The shape of the Pom plays an important part in its versatility and accessibility. It's cute and has an adorable beak on one side. This is ideal for providing targeted stimulation to a tiny region, while its body spreads the vibrations across a wider area.

The entire device is constructed of soft, squishy and pliable silicone. Pressing on your own body, or in an erogenous area helps it mold to the shape of your hand as well as your body. This design helps it transmit powerful vibrations to the deep subcutaneous nerves.

I like the thoughtful positioning of the buttons, too. They are located on both sides towards the bottom. And they're accessible without having to look due to their design. The vertically pressed button is to cycle through five different vibration patterns and the horizontal button controls the intensities. The second one is actually two buttons that can be used to alter the intensity level (there are five options). This layout makes it easy to modify the level of experience to suit your preferences in a flash.

It's incredibly strong for a toy of this size. When it's at its maximum you can set on the floor and observe it move around the table. If you stand it up and gaze at it, you'll feel the vibrations blurring parts of the plaything. If you place it next to a similarly size toy, you can see an apparent variation in the intensity of its higher-limit vibrations.

Anatomy of Pleasure

It's not only about the top levels but. The sign of a high-quality vibrator motor is apparent from the quality of its vibrations at the lower end. At low settings, do you feel the vibrations beneath the skin's surface? If you use the Pom You definitely can. It's gentle, yet you still have the ability to increase the strength of the deep tissues.

The penis and the clitoris share many anatomical features, and quite many of them lie beneath the surface. The crus and bulb of both the clitoris as well as penis run down the scrotum and the vulva and the scrotum, respectively (think of an organ that is shaped like a wishbone). It's crucial to remember this when you are looking for an instrument that vibrates. The most effective ones stimulate nerves on the skin's surface as well as the structures and nerves below.

The Pom is able to do this extremely efficiently, which is impressive considering its size. Many other vibrators that I've tried in this form tend to do an excellent job of stimulating nerves on the surface at higher intensity it is possible to feel the vibrations in your body. With the Pom you can feel the intense neuro stimulation at low intensity. It's awesome.

Bodies are Strange

The toy was sat at my bedside for over an entire year. Since then, it's been used extensively and isn't showing any indications of damage or wear. The silicone hasn't faded or dissociated from the body that makes up the plaything. The buttons are as responsive as they were the day I opened the box. The motors remain smooth, quiet and still strong. The battery has only begun to show signs of age.

The battery life of the Pom has always seemed somewhat small. When I am at the highest level I typically get between 40 and 50 minutes of usage. It can go up to an hour or so when I keep the intensity low. When it was new however, I could easily squeeze an hour of it even at the maximum intensities. It would be nice to be able to replace the battery and give it a new lease of life. The charging cable that is magnetic is also a bit short. In my bedroom the outlet isn't close to my table at night Therefore, I needed to come up with some innovative cable management in order in order to get it working.

The main attraction here isn't as much Pom's long-lasting existence, but its design and shape. The most popular toys are motors or shaft that is wrapped with an extremely thin layer of silicone that is safe for the body. It's an extremely technical method to create a sex-themed toy. Minimize your distance between sexual organs and the device that stimulates (the moving motor) Reduce the size, shape to make it as truncated down as you can. One-size-fits-all.

Lady Pom Flex Vibrator

The Dame Pom Vibratory is Flexible.

  • Rating: 8/10
  • $95 at Amazon
  • $95 at Dame

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However, this approach doesn't take into account the human being on the other side. There is no standard body. There isn't a typical gender or erogenous zone. Our bodies are a bit of a mystery human beings. Each and every one of them is different and distinctive in its own unique way.

This is a lesson that which the US Air Force learned in the 1950s, when it set out to improve the cockpits on fighter aircrafts. It was during this time that the Air Force developed a set of measurements that defined the shape of a typical pilot's overall and size. One-size-fits-all was the method. Once the data started coming in, the problem became evident: the average pilot wasn't there. Instead the Air Force had to instruct manufacturers to create cockpits that would be flexible to the edge of statistics, so that the individuals could fly, despite their individual body forms.

Making items that are appealing to average person means that you're creating products for the uninitiated instead of for everyone. Dame chose to go the other way in the Pom. The pliable, unique shape can be adjusted to fit any body and any male or female, and also comes with a powerful motor to provide rumbly, rumbling vibrations along with focused stimulation in a tiny region.

It's an amazing feat and after experimenting with dozens of sexually explicit toys, it's one of my all-time favorites. Be sure to put it in the charger.