- Sell Your Phone, Tablet, or Laptop for Cash And Deals

 ItsWorthMore is a business that claims to be an'reCommerce' company that aims to transform the way that customers purchase and sell used electronic items online.

How Does ItsWorthMore Work?

As stated on their site, the aim for was to offer business and individuals the opportunity to sell their old electronic equipment for the highest value in a manner that was easy and easy, and did not carry any of the risk that are associated with auctions on the internet.

For this, they will ask their customers to locate the device used by you're planning to offer on their site and then utilize their price calculator to receive an instant estimate depending on the condition of the device. The customers will then print an unrestricted shipping label, and then package and ship the product directly to them.

Once you've agreed to their terms, you'll be given 14 days to ship out your merchandise to be eligible for their price-guarantee.

Cost/Price Plans

The customer should try to choose the most precise description of the condition of their device and, if the business finds the item to be in a different state that what you intended to purchase and they alter their offer in line with the evaluation.

If there aren't any changes to the offer, your payment will be processed at the earliest of 48 hours from the business receiving the offer. You'll need to select to pay by check or PayPal.

Additionally to that, anyone who recommends friends to use can get a $10 credit if they sell their electronics via a link that which the company provides you with to make referrals.

Refund Policy

The company does not have a publicized Refund Policy since their customers do not pay for their website, to purchase their products, or avail their services or in other ways.

This site does not offer specific guidelines for cancelling the sale or offer, however, customers who have put their devices in but then change their minds, they should notify your Customer Service team immediately.

Customer Service Contact Info

Customers who would like to speak to their Customer Service team about their questions, concerns, or complaints can do so by phone at (855) 487-9678, by email at [email protected], or by submitting them directly to their website through their Contact Us link.


This business does seem to enjoy a great reputation in the world of electronic resales and there are numerous positive reviews about their services, as well as how fast and effectively users can resell their equipment through their website.

Competitors and Alternatives?

In the past, a lot of customers decide to sell their electronics via auction sites, such as eBay and eBay, or other resales websites that buyers can use in the event of dissatisfaction with the estimate they receive from as well as and companies such as Amazon can allow you to exchange your old electronic devices to purchase gift cards.

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