Master Wang Soulmate Drawings Review

Master Wang Drawings is a business that collects your personal details and compares it with your ascendant and sun sign to determine the soulmate you are. The company then uses the information and creates an image of the person they portray as your real soulmate.

According to this site, Master Wang was born in China and has always had the ability to see psychically that could at times be so powerful that he'd be unable to speak. Master Wang's unique ability permits him to discern a person's soulmate, and translate the soulmate's essence into drawings made by hand.

How Does It Work?

To assist customers in finding their real passion, Master Wang asks a few questions to the details that make up your daily life. These are your sun signs and also the moon sign that is the third variable of the sacred trinity that is the astrology. These questions include:

  • Your name is what?
  • What time will be your birthday?
  • What time of the day was your birth?
  • What is the zip code and country of your birthplace?
  • Is your gender gender specific?
  • What is your sexual orientation?
  • Have you got a preference for a particular race?

Their website says that, based on these questions, Master Wang can tap into his psychic power to see a person's soulmate.

Cost and Price Plans

Are Master Wang Drawings Free? While it seems that way while you're filling out the questionnaire, at final, it will ask for the payment in order to get your beloved drawing.

  • Black and White Psychic Soulmate Drawing - $19
  • Expedited Delivery - $9
  • Color Image - $9.99
  • Master Wang communicates with your soulmate, and then writes an in-depth psychic analysis of their likes and dislikes, their fears, and wants $15

Customer Service

Master Wang's website contains specific contact details to support orders and product assistance.

Product Support Email: [email protected]

Order Support Website:

Master Wang offers a 100 percent money-back guarantee in the event that you aren't happy with the purchase. Most products sold through the Clickbank platform come with a 60 day money back guarantee, however that is not confirmed on If you are unhappy with the purchase, you should contact customer service as quickly as you can.

Where To Buy?

The only way to buy Master Wang Soulmate Drawings is on the website of the company.

Online Customer Reviews/Complaints

Master Wang Soulmate Drawings are not listed with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) website. However there is a list (with an F grade) on the BBB website F) of Master Wu Soulmate Drawings. Based on further investigation it is apparent that the company was founded under the name Master Wu and had many negative reviews. While the website is no operating but it does contain the same information and images like Master Wang's website. Master Wang website.

Following Master Wu's operations ceased it is believed that the same firm created Master Wang. There are many negative experiences that have been reported by both firms. Certain customers have received the exact drawings that others have received or have never received one even once.


With the many products and services, knowing the kind of thing you're getting into when you buy something new is vital.

Here are a few of the most frequently asked questions regarding Master Wang Soulmate Drawings.

Is Master Wang Drawings Safe?

Even though your purchase is done by the business ClickBank Many customers have complained about not receiving the item. In addition, many have noticed an increase in the number of the number of robocalls they receive to their mobile phones after they made their purchase.

Is Master Wang Legit?

The advertisement claims it claims that Master Wang is a man who lives in the street of China and that the person running the site is working with him to develop his talents to the world. The concept is very similar to that of the company that has since gone out of business. Master Wu Soulmate Drawings.

Where Is Master Wang Located?

In the video advertisement, Master Wang resides in China. There is an Hong Kong address listed on the website.

Competitors and Alternatives

Many companies are similar in some ways to Master Wang, including the following:

Master Wang vs. Soulmate Sketch Soulmate Sketch doesn't indicate a specific psychic who is responsible for the creation of the images, but does claim that soulmate's appearance occurs from a state of connection.

Master Wang vs. USA Astronomy: USA Astronomy has you fill in a brief questionnaire, and then compiles an entire love story for you to understand and get to know your partner in love.

Master Wang vs. Psychic Mental Artist as an online merchant via Etsy, Psychic Mental Artist claims to have over 15 years of experience of helping others find their true love. If you choose to give them your name, they'll show you the person who you are in love with.

Is Master Wang Drawings Worth It?

A lot of people believe in psychic abilities and often consult with psychics and mediums to help them in various areas of their lives. But, it is important that if you choose to use this method you know the services you will receive and what their success rate is.

While it isn't easy to locate independent reviews of psychics making the effort to look over the information is available and investigate which other options are accessible can spare you a lot of pain and heartache.

Although some credible psychics may be able to imagine and attract your partner, we do not consider they are Master Wang is that person. In addition to the controversy surrounding the earlier Master Wu business and the numerous instances of people not receiving their photos or receiving the same pictures as other clients, and a BBB score of F.

All of the reasons We do not think this product is worth the cost.

If you've had any experiences master Wang drawing write a review below.