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Ofiyaa Tri-Screen: Make multitasking breeze

The brand new Ofiyaa Tri-Screen can turn your laptop into an amazing triple-display experience that can boost productivity skyrocketing.

You may consider an arrangement with multiple monitors as something you can use in your workplace However, you don't have to be seated at work to benefit from this productivity boost. It is possible to set up an asymmetrical or triple monitor setup in your home or carry it when you travel.

Triple/Dual Monitor Capabilities

You'll be amazed that you only need to plug and play this software and your laptop will be equipped with multiple screens. It will help you save lots of time wasted scrolling through tabs when the work is completed on project. There is the option of getting a triple-screen experience or dual-screen experiences.


When you use this notebook monitor, you can have the flexibility of picking the ideal angle according to what you're doing. It can be set to around 202 degrees and 180 degrees using three of the monitors made by Ofiyaa because they fold up to form an equilateral triangle, which is useful to use when preparing a presentation.

Lightweight and Compact

There is no need to fret about carrying the laptop around since its small size allows you to easily carry in your normal backpack. To be honest the lighter your laptop is the more comfortable. If your laptop is heavy it may be difficult to transport the monitor with your laptop. However, if you own two-in-one or another laptop that is lightweight, then you'll love the ease offered by the Ofiyaa Tri-Screen.

With 2.93 pounds of weight and 315*215*39mm in size. Ofiyaa has the same size and weight to Apple's MacBook Air.

HD Displays

Ofiyaa can be used with laptops that measure 13-17 inches. The best part is that both screens can be adjusted to set the parameters independently. Ofiyaa comes with 2 11.6 inch 16:9 FHD high-definition monitors with resolution at 1080P/60Hz (1920*1080P).

Utilizing editing software, media consumption or multitasking within your workflow in photography is easy and efficient using this software.

Mobile Phone Projector

Ofiyaa is able to connect to a computer , but also a mobile device via the Type-C cable. Once the connection has been established and the data displayed by the mobile device could be projected onto the screen. Alternatively, the phone could be utilized as a microcomputer that can use the screen as an actual computer. This function is currently supported by Huawei EMUI as well as Samsung DEX.


On each side, you will find the following:

  • x2 USB-C
  • X1 USB-A
  • x1 HDMI

Connecting the laptop

It's very simple to get started with the Ofiyaa since it features an clamp system. This means that you don't need to attach additional plates on your laptop, which may leave unattractive marks in the future.

The procedure is simple and simple. After clamping the monitors onto your laptop, it's required to connect a wire from the opposite side. It is suggested to choose a USB-C device with video and power capabilities for a simple and simple installation. There is no need to install or run any driver.

Adjustable parameters

Each screen's parameters can be altered independently. 30 different options can be controlled including colors, brightness scene mode DCR (Dynamic Contrast) Sharpness HUE, saturation, the backlight feature, temperature of color large dynamic mode and volume and more.

Energy Saving

Ofiyaa is an Energy Star Rating level, which means it consumes less energy on your laptop. A single screen's power consumption is 5 W that means you will enjoy longer usage time even when your laptop is powered.


Ofiyaa claims that their monitors have been tested 10,000+ times in repeated fatigue tests for folding and can last for at 5 years or more.

Operating Systems:

  1. macOS
  2. Windows
  3. Android
  4. Chrome
  5. Linux

Pros & Cons


  • Multiple ports, convenient for laptops of today.
  • Dual or triple monitor options
  • Present mode
  • By using the monitors, you are able to charge your laptop using one of the two sides


  • If folded down, your screen becomes open, which means you have to be extra cautious to stay clear of fingerprints and scratches
  • No touch screens
  • The speakers are average.


With the many options on the market, the Ofiyaa is distinct from the crowd by providing an option that is able to clamp easily to your monitors, and allows you to charge your laptop from both sides of the screen.

The quality of the image is satisfactory and sufficient to help you to work more efficiently. An improved version would be to have touchscreens and 4K.

The package contains numerous cables in the package that connect to various ports. However, the most efficient solution is to use a laptop that has two USB-C ports that have video and power capabilities to keep the setup simple.

The greatest thing about Ofiyaa's idea is that it offers the possibility of having a multi-screen mobile setup wherever you are. With COVID in the midst it is an ideal option for home offices or for those who like to set up a space as a studio in any place because of its light weight and compact size.

Enhancing productivity isn't an simple task. There's a lot of emails, calls and today, Zoom or Slack messages. However, a three-monitor system could go a long way in reducing that, and assisting your workflow become more efficient. For that, Ofiyaa might be a good option to think about.