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If you're trying to find the super sturdy cables for your smartphone, you should go through the Paracable review. Paracable has a large range of cables that are suitable for all devices available.

4 types of cables from Paracable Review

The choice of a cable connector that is compatible with your needs and device is crucial. This is why Paracable hopes to offer additional options for customers. Paracable offers a variety of cables that come in many different patterns and colors.

We can however classify them into four main types. It is determined upon the connections of different connector types. They are USB-A, Lightning, and USB-C. Also, you can imagine a cable having two sides. The first one is connected to the device. The other connects to an energy source. So the "USB-A to Lightning" cable includes a USB-A connector at one end , and the Lightning connector at the opposite.

Which Cable Do You Need?

USB-A to Lightning

This type of cable is typically utilized for Apple products. This is because lightning is an exclusive Apple connector. Additionally, you can connect it in conjunction with VR headsets or gaming controllers. The lightning adapter will work with your device, and the USB-A works with any USB-A-compatible charger or computer port.

USB-C to Lightning

This cable was announced in conjunction with the iPhone 11. The Lightning cable is compatible with your device. The USB-C port is the charger that has an USB-C port. The distinction between USB-C and other USB-C chargers are the size and thickness. It's definitely thinner and can handle charge capacity better than older ones. It can recharge your iPhone up 50 percent in just 30 mins or so. It's the perfect option for all iPhones, starting with it was introduced with the iPhone 8.


If you're using Samsung Galaxy, Google Pixel or LG-V phones then you'll require the USB-C cable to USB-A. This is a normal cable that is extensively used due the compatibility.


The most recent Type-C cable is USB -C to USB-C. It utilizes the latest technology of Power Delivery (PD) technique. This means that you'll be amazed by the speed of charging with this cable. Additionally you can reduce the time to charge by pairing it with an 18W compatible charger.