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Swaddle Designs Review

When he was a baby my son was very colicky. As a new mom and a new mother, his constant crying was very annoying for me. He would cry prior to eating during eating, then afterwards after eating. I was so sorry for my son I wanted to relieve the hurt he felt.

My husband and I tried everything to help our son feel at ease. Through trial and trial and an idea to alleviate our son's colic. we took gas drops as frequently as we could, made sure to create an atmosphere that was peaceful, swaddled our son and held him as we put stress on the stomach of our son.

These four steps have helped us all survive during the colicky stage of my son. Even though my son, at seven months old has gotten over his colicky stage, he was a fan of being wrapped in a tight hug. The good news is that Swaddle Designs has the perfect swaddle blankets which can be used for many different purposes.

Swaddle Designs Marquisette Swaddle Blanket, SeaCrystal Safari Fun Design is my son's most cherished blanket. The trendy blanket is designed with blue and gray safari animals. Made from 100% soft cotton, your child is guaranteed complete peace and comfort.

This lightweight and breathable Swaddle blanket is great for the warmer months! It measures 46 by 46 in, the huge blanket is ideal for Swaddling, tummy time, nursing cover, and car seat cover. Swaddle Designs is a winner of the Swaddle Blanket Awards. include a swaddling guideline tag. If you wrap your baby in a The Swaddle Design Marquisette Blanket you'll know that the best interests of your baby is being considered.

Living in the hot desert of Arizona the Swaddle Designs Marquisette Swivel Blanket's light weight design is perfect for our son. The blanket we use to cover everything in our home. We do not only use it to wrap my baby however, he also loves to lie on it for belly time. On one's stomach, he is enjoying admiring the fun design of the elephant and giraffe in the fabric.

When he is in his car seat, the Marquisette Swaddle blanket's air-tight fabric blocks the sun's eyes, without letting the heat. I like using this blanket to create an extra privacy blanket when feeding my child.

The blanket's size is huge and its light design offer my son the right level of comfort, but without making him feel overwhelmed by a large blanket. The most appealing feature of the blanket is the fact that it folds SO effortlessly and can fit into my diaper bag without adding an extra weight. It's an amazing blanket!

Swaddle Designs also offers a large selection of other products including safety blankets, wearable blankets, comfy blankets burp clothing, bibs towels, clothing organic products, as well as fitted sheets. We are in love with Swaddle Designs' blue fitted crib sheets in the nursery of my son's. Its sturdy quality and contemporary design gives a stylish finishing touch to our house.

Swaddle Designs fashionable marquisette patterned Swaddling blanket ($16.00) is an absolute necessity for our family. It gives my son with the right amount of functionality and comfort. Create Swaddle Designs an integral part of your family through clicking here. For more information about Swaddle Designs, go to website.

1. What was your first impression of the set when you first received your SwaddleDesigns Swaddle Duo set?

Emilie The first impression I had was adorable. I am in love with the boxed set. The simple, classic style of the box as well as the fabrics are contemporary and adorable. The basic instructions in the box are quite clear to me, and the packaging makes an ideal present.

2. We'd like to know what you think of the comforters that you received from The Swaddle Duo.

Emilie: The light weight fabric is extremely stretchy and the blanket is enormous. It's my dream Swaddle blanket. This fleece isn't as stretchy, however it's still a great size to use as the swing. I liked the fact that the colours were gender neutral, but were not too masculine. We couldn't figure out what our third baby's gender was (she was an infant girl) and everything with a gender-neutral color made her appear as if she was a boy. But, this particular material (blue/green circle and lime green trees) made a great choice for a girl's baby!

3. Are the 1-2-3 instructions that are on the 'How To Swaddle' label useful and simple to follow?

Emilie: The directions were excellent. I actually learned how to play with these instructions when I had my first baby. the illustrations were so clear that it was easy to follow. I've been using this method since then and it has been a great help for my three children. I'm a huge Swaddle Designs Swaddle Blanket enthusiast because of this. I just love saying "check on the tags" when my grandma's or brand new moms ask me to wrap their baby. It's one of my favorite features on these blankets.

4. Have you used your SwaddleDesigns blanket(s) for another purpose other than Swaddling?

Emilie: Apart from Swaddling, I've used the blankets to cover my nursing needs and also to cover the car seat to block the sun. I've also used them to use as a burp cloth, and they wash wonderfully. Our child was a puker. These blankets were washed and washed again and stand up well!

5. Was this product beneficial to you or your loved ones?

Emilie: I'd purchase this set of boxes to give as a gift in a moment. It's stylish, cute practical, and can be utilized well beyond the baby swaddling phase. It can also be used for a lot of children. I love anything that is sturdy enough to be reused and reused with a lot of children. Swaddling has been a staple in our home and has been a great help to the children in sleep-training. The blanket is easy to use and has the ideal weight.