And Collar Reviewed: The Good, Bad & Good-To-Know

 &Collar andCollar, also called andCollar is a company that claims to make comfy clothing that not just looks great but also is affordable. The company also claims that its products are made of recycled and sustainable materials which means that you can be sure that the purchase you make is safe for the environment.

How Does It Work?

&Collar sells products like dresses shirts, pants socks, shoes and tie (here's one tip to remember that if you sign-up to receive the &Collar newsletter, you'll receive a tie for free!) If you have any concerns regarding care for your shirt washing directions, cleaning instructions or sizing, find solutions on the website.

However, you won't be able to determine whether &Collar products are the right choice for you simply by visiting their website. For you to continue reading as the following information will give you all you should be aware of about &Collar before you make the purchase!

Cost and Price Plans

The founders of &Collar began to create quality clothing that did not cost a fortune. Below is a small sample of their products prices to give you an idea of the cost:

The solid-colored, sustainable recycled shirts retail for $35.00 and their patterns are priced between $40.00-$65.00. &Collar offers ties at $15.00.

Their socks cost $7.00 each. &Collar sells dress shoes at $75.00 for a pair.

Competitors and Alternatives

If you're looking for ethical clothing for men There are many brands other than &Collar which you can take a look at.

For instance it is Carpasus, the Swiss company Carpasus creates high-end clothing for men made of organic cotton, for instance. Carpasus claims that their products are environmentally sustainable and made in collaboration with only companies that use fair labour practices.

Carpasus's cost is considerably more expensive than &Collar Their clothes selling for a price of 159-169 Swiss Francs which is roughly $186.00-$196.00. Carpasus's dress shirts have received rave reviews from customers.

It is also worth looking for clothing that is sustainable from Everlane which places both transparency and quality at the forefront. Everlane collaborates with factories that are ethical around the world to make high-quality environmentally-friendly clothes for both females and males.

The t-shirts for men are priced within the $18.00-$42.00 price range, while their sweaters range from $49.00-$130.00 while their tops and polos are priced starting at $38.00-$78.00. Unfortunately, Everlane earns mixed reviews from various sources on the web.

One final alternative for ethical, sustainable clothing is the well-known company Patagonia. They are committed to creating the most durable, top quality clothes, outdoor gear and accessories for women, men as well as children in ways that are beneficial for the environment. Patagonia offers shirts for men with a range of designs styles, colors, and styles priced between $45.00-$129.00. They are able to boast glowing reviews from happy customers.

Customer Service

If you need assistance from customer service for customer support, contact &Collar via their number 801 232 7072 or email them at info@& &Collar provides customers with free exchanges and returns, and gives a 100 percent satisfaction assurance. The full details on their return procedure at their site.

Online Customer Reviews/Complaints

Although we couldn't find many &Collar reviews However, the reviews we could find are generally positive. We think that one reason for the absence of reviews could be due to the fact the fact that AndCollar is still a relatively new business. However, some customers who are satisfied have stopped by the &Collar Facebook page to express their appreciation for the company.

Where to Buy?

You can purchase their products on their website or go to the site to find retailers in your area that sell products from &Collar. &Collar is available in shops like Mr. Mac, Called to Surf, Circle of Love as well as Blissful Occasions.

Is andCollar Worth It?

Ben Perkins created &Collar to aid men to purchase comfortable clothes such as dress shirts, pants shoes, and other items for a price that is affordable. Their clothing is made to be fashionable durable and long-lasting, as well as good for the environment.

Although AndCollar is a relatively young business and doesn't have a many satisfied customers however, we're confident that their environmentally-friendly methods and fair pricing will soon catch the attention of ethically-minded and price-conscious customers like you.