Botany Farms: Premium CBD Hemp Flower & Pre-Rolls

 A female-owned black company with its headquarters located in Minnesota, Botany Farms is a cannabis-focused boutique company that specializes on CBD, CBG, Delta-8 and Delta-10 products. The company offers pre-rolls, flowers and gummies, as well as Vape Cartridges Botany Farms offers the customer a variety of methods to consume. Botany Farms works with farmers who are independent, offering the customers a variety of varieties to ensure that their customers will never get bored of the choices. In the moment, Botany Farms offers over 15 different varieties.

Made in small batches and with a keen eye for detail, it appears to be the mainstay in Botany Farms. Their flowers are dried on hangers and cut by hand to give you something that is much more unique than anything mass-produced could ever duplicate. "Sweating the most delicate particulars is what we do to bring you a superior smoke," the website of Botany Farms boasts. After getting my hands, and inhaling, the wide assortment of CBD-infused products they CBD experts create I'm confident that Botany Farms has every right to be proud of its work.

Botany Farms product review

Since it is a small-batch and boutique-type business, expect prices for Botany Farms to be on the high price. But, don't let this hinder your decision to explore the Botany Farms brand. Their attention to detail was apparent repeatedly every product they tested brought significant benefits to my life. I felt like I was removed from the stresses of my daily routine and being swept to the cloud of calm and able to go through my day with a bit more clarity and less anxiety. In addition the flavor choices the company offers are among the best tasting I've ever tasted while munching on gummies with cannabis variant.

In this review, we'll examine two Botany Farm's food items which include their 25 mg CBD Jamberry chews and the 30mg Delta-8 Gummies. We'll also review the two pre-rolls they offer: The White and Pineapple Haze and the Delta-8 Sour Special Sauce vape cartridge, and one eighth in the Sour Space Candy CBD small-batch flower.


Certain companies are masters of packaging before launching their product, while others are able to produce a quality product prior to beautiful packaging. Botany Farms excels at both. Glass Jars are used to hold the gummies as well as the flowers plastic tubes support the joints, while an encasement made of cardboard protects it. Delta-8 Vape Cartridge. With inviting colors and art work, everything, and the overall design conveys the impression of the product is of high quality and ready being consumed. After consumption, the tastes of Botany Farms will stand out in the same way as their designs. The Jamberry CBD Gummy is, by far the most flavorful food I've ever tried, CBD or THC. The small-batch flowers and pre-rolls complement the gummies to provide the flavor that's not just tasty however, it's actually very enjoyable. Even though I'm just beginning to experience smoking CBD flower I can say that I can say that the Pineapple Haze pre-roll is the one I've enjoyed the most. As a regular cannabis user, it's easy to get worried when you consume CBD products. You frequently believe that your tolerance is going to prevent any actual feeling of euphoria or calm. My tolerance may have been a factor in my decision to leave this review as each test product seemed to produce tangible results. This was my first encounter with Delta-8 products. It appears to be a military operation, and operates like one, with the goal being your stress. Similar to Seal Team 6 it works swiftly, quietly, and efficiently. My fear, just like Bin Laden, gone with the breeze. The products are easy to use. All you have to do is chew, vape , or smoke. If you're trying to get into CBD or to try Delta-8 Look for Botany Farms.

What's good?

  1. Delectable flavors
  2. A plethora of choices Not just in the form of drinks but also in how to consume
  3. Effective, noticeable, and fast-acting effects
  4. Gummies that are gluten-free, vegan and vegan

What's Bad

  1. The price is high-end, particularly for cartridges
  2. Joint container is still made of plastic
  3. Not all products come with lab reports.
  4. Lab reports do not test for heavy metals and pesticides.

Editor's Pick

Delta-8 is dominating the cannabis world as the hottest subject with Botany Farms' Delta-8 Gummies will not let you down, they are the perfect way to end the day with a tense feeling and for assisting to get a good night's rest.

If you're in need of an Botany Farms strain to help get you through your day, I'd suggest the Pineapple Haze preroll. I smoked it while taking an excursion around the city , and found myself smiling after getting through the joint.

Botany Farms Delta 8 Gummies

Peach flavors, mango and pineapple provide a deep, calming experience that is hidden in all of these chewy gummies. The gummies are currently restricted or banned across 16 states. Delta-8 is an insignificant cannabinoid present in tiny amounts in the cannabis plant . It creates a similar high to that of the traditional THC sensation. Ideal for turning off the light switch in your mind at the conclusion of a tiring day. these small, chewy cubes of tropical flavour are the perfect companion to getting a restful night's sleep. In just 20 minutes, it was like the gummies given tiny hands to lift my eyes. I allowed Botany Farms enter my bedroom for the first time I was ever able to see it. I'm not disappointed any way. There's no guilt after a night of the restful sleep it gives.

The glass jars of deep sleep liquid come with 15 gummies. Each gummy contains 30mg of Delta-8 as well as 2 mg of Delta-9. For $35, it's priced fairly in comparison to their rivals and gives a more potent product. The majority of delta-8 gummies contain only 25mg. You'll be able to feel at ease with the price of this product. From the glass-like jar with a fancy design to the relaxing waves of a relaxing pleasure, you'll receive the best value for your money every night.


Glass is a Jar that is just cool and when you add in the gothic-inspired artwork on the Botany Farms labels and you are presented with a product that appears like it's taken out of the Hogwarts potion room. The spell of magic is cast on these gummies which makes them gluten-free, vegan, and dairy-free. The vibrant colors of Gummies shine through the transparent glass jars, their tropical hues inviting you to take off the cap to eat. After eating my mouth was greeted with fruity flavor and no aftertaste. The edible-like effect began to take effect in just 20 minutes. I felt my eyes signaling to my body that I was ready to unwind. The slight haze that comes with eating, a bit like the calming fog, was rolled across my body, and I was ready to sink into my bed sheets. The next thing I remembered was my alarm clock's sound, which shows that the product did its job.

Botany Farms CBD Gummies

Botany Farms offers eight flavors of CBD Gummies at their web site. Jamberry is one of the flavors we'll be looking at today and it's so delicious that I was looking up, "What kind of fruit is jamberry?" Research seems to suggest that jamberry isn't an actual fruit, but rather it's a fabricated flavor made of the fruit of strawberries blueberry, strawberry and. But, these little squares that appear to be an improvement over the starburst flavor are surprisingly delicious. I say shocking because my glass jar, which contained 12 Gummies that contained 25mg CBD each, in just 10 minutes were down to two.

Expect effects to be mildly buzzy and the taste is certainly the main draw of the product's benefits for those with anxiety, however those might feel a little relief. For a cost of just $25, a 12 gummies in a jar they also fall into the category of being priced competitively. The texture, flavor and the chewiness of these gummies makes these gummies worth trying even as snacks. Botany Farms should seriously consider selling these as candy as well I'd be lining up as a geek waiting for my new iPhone at the BestBuy in order to get these in the store.


The small squares look like colourful pillows when they are placed inside their glass container. Similar to potato chips, I could not choose just one. This product is a bit of a contradiction with me. Of all the products Botany Farms sent it was the most ineffective, but the best tasting. I don't have children due, but if I did , I'd be adamant about calling it Jamberry. In the gladiator ring of snack foods, they could be able to defeat other chewy adversary just by their taste. They can make them fight on the basis of sensations they experience and it might not be able to win the battle. It's hard to say that I experienced any change either in my physical or mental being following the consumption of these. only a slight relaxation and a short relief from anxiety is all I can describe it as. To get the most effect, try their Delta-8 Gummies. For a unique taste that is like none you've experienced, try Botany Farm's Jamberry chews.

Botany Farms Delta-8 Pre-Roll

Delta-8 THC and CBD join forces to create this vibrant Pineapple Haze pre-roll. A fruity taste, with a hint of a pina-colada sipping on an icy day, brings the sensation of happiness from an island to your daily routine. This sativa strain is great for stimulating your day. Its improved focus and relaxation will put the smile on your face as soon as the last ash is floating down to the earth. Botany Farms uses a frozen Delta-8 distillate of THC that is ground into the fine powder, then infused into their top flower. A majority of businesses spray the Delta-8 on their flowers This precise process guarantees an experience that is distinct from its rivals. One of seven pre-rolls that are available through Botany Farm's web site. Pineapple Haze can be their priciest offering at $13 for the 1.2g cone. Although it's expensive, the flavor and effects, as well as the long-lasting positive vibe make this one worth it.


Out of all CBD joints I've tried so in the 26 years I've been chilling and living, Pineapple Haze takes the cake for the best tasting and the most effective. It's a slow-burning sweet and fruity-flavored delicious cone, Botany Farms' small-batch method continues to yield impressive results. I took a puff when I was walking through my area in Queens and by the time the smoke was over, I was smiling from ear to ear. My head was completely clean and my body extremely relaxed. It was like the breeze was gently welcoming my face in the same way as an Italian uncle who says, "Hello." My world was calmer due to the cloud of pineapple within my lungs. I felt like a high from cannabis however with a greater alertness. If you're considering picking any of the flower-based Botany Farms product, start here to discover what the Delta-8 hype is all about.

Botany Farms CBG Pre-Roll

CBG is a different minor cannabinoid, is renowned for its anti-anxiety properties and anti-inflammatory effects among others. White CBG is an hybrid CBG strain that is coated with crystals of frosty white and has scents of springtime florals and vanilla. It is known to induce calming effects and keep the mind alert and active, White CBG is an excellent daytime strain. If you don't like the flavor of Hemp it is a strain that can make you forget all your past troubles. The sweet vanilla aroma entices your taste buds every draw. It has the scent of candles instead of a cannabis product. After 30 minutes, I noticed my relaxation taking on an additional level. The dance of the trees swayed more like an Cirque du Soleil performance after this joint. For just $10, you can test this CBG pre-roll and see the trees dance. It'll be less expensive than flying to Vegas.


The way I smoked this joint made me take a note of it "Feels like a cool morning in the lake." I'm in New York City so that's the way to know Botany Farms is making products that work. It gave me a sour, sour neighborhood sensation like a mountain-like morning. It's not an easy accomplishment. Although the packaging is basic and a cardboard tube with a an aluminum top, the design is quite appealing. It is clearly labeled, and despite the an online COA's absence packaging, it makes one feel as if it's a brand that you can be confident in. When you light the joint, the confidence that the packaging inspires is instantly rewarded. The flavor is sweet and warm It tastes exactly like the sweet treat your grandmother would hand to you as a kid. Vanilla and cream are evident. I took this joint outside to smoke The cone's slow burn lets you find peace within the chaos of the world. When the joints were done, I was noticing the birds' chirps in a different way than usual, a chorus of inquisitive creatures asking for me to join in. The scent of vanilla and sweet passed through their beaks. They were begging for more. After 30 minutes, total relaxation was taking over my entire day. The feelings weren't overpowering, they just sat with me while I continued to accomplish the tasks I needed to accomplish. As if a silent friend saying, "Good Job," when I accomplished tasks after task. Excellent design, fantastic taste, undeniable outcomes, Botany Farms has done it once more.

Botany Farms Live Resin Delta-8 Cartridge

Botany Farms' Live Resin extract is made using the small amount of Sour Special Sauce flowers picked 10 days earlier in order to preserve the highest terpene and cannabinoid amount. Instead of drying the flowers to smoke, Botany Farms freezes the flowers to preserve all the aromas and flavors. This means that no flavor terpenes are required in the finished product. Through mixing this live extract and pur Delta-8 distillate a balanced blend is made that offers all the CBD benefits, along by the psychoactive properties of THC Delta-8.

This is the perfect vapor to add to your evening routine. The calming head high leads to an enveloping relaxation that covers the body in only a few puffs of the cartridge. Expect fast-acting results from this powerful indica distillate, even the most skilled smokers will be able to enjoy the sensation of happiness it gives. It's priced at $50, which is within the upper tiers of premium cartridges. Although its results were evident and enjoyable, Botany Farms' lack of COA or any online information regarding this cartridge concerns me. The company claims that it contains 70.2 percent cannabinoids. 37.8 percent delta-8 THC and 29.5 percent CBD. It's that simple. Being aware of the pesticides that lurk in glass distillates bottles that line shelves across America, Botany Farms should provide some additional information for the security of the customer.


A green, recyclable cardboard tube houses this Botany Farms Live Resin Delta-8 THC vape cartridge. The packaging is similar to an elegant soap manufacturer which you'd find placed on the shelves at Bath and Body Works. The shades are warm and distinctive and stand out in the sea of packaging, which sometimes blends together. The vape itself is a typical cartridge, and it is a good fit in most gadgets and pens. Although the vape did have hints of sweetness but a diesel flavor was the dominant flavor. This was mostly smooth, but after about 4 or 5 pulls, I felt that there was a slight tingle within my throat. The effects were swiftly felt as a head-high slowly changed to a full body high. My bed that I was writing in was instead a call to go home to rest. This cartridge performed and that satisfied me, on reviewing their website, Botany Farms doesn't list any details on the ingredients of this product. A laboratory-tested COA could ease my worries because pesticides continue to be a problem for the vape industry. Although I was pleased with this product, more tests are required before I am able to recommend it.

Botany Farms CBD Flower

A well-loved blend of CBD variety, Sour Space Candy is one of the numerous varieties of tiny-batch flowers Botany Farms currently offers. Flower appears to be the center of attention for this business sixteen varieties are currently on their website, all of which are organic, dried and then hand-trimmed. Small scale production makes it possible for Botany Farms to focus on the quality of each variety. The quality of Sour Space Candy is immediate. The orange, purple and green hues, which weave across the bloom, explode through the jar's modern glass. The sticky buds grind to create an incredibly smooth smoke that has more pleasant smells. Although relaxation was evident through this strain but it also brought clarity and focus that allowed it to be suitable for everyday use. Botany Farms sells this flower at $11 per gram, $33 for 3.5 grams, and $7 grams for $50. These prices, too are on the higher end, but because of the small batch production, you'll get an item that is distinctive in terms of quality, and that's the price you're paying.


To test this plant, I simply ground up a smidge of hemp's sticky deliciousness and placed it in the Raw cone. Sometimes , the effects of CBD are difficult to detect but in a matter of moments this plant was able to exorcise my headache that had been gnawing at me for days. In no time during my day did I experience a headache again. Like many joints I smoked outside. The initial sensation seemed to calm the surrounding world There was no drowsiness or slumber the uplifting strain provides an increased level of concentration. The fruity aromas give off an aroma that is sweet, and the sweet taste has subtle hints of the flavor, but mainly a natural diesel scent is evident. It's one of my first experiences of smoking CBD flower, but I'm sure that Botany Farms has spoiled me. This is the kind of flower that will change the CBD non-believer into a fan. In addition, unlike the other products offered by Botany Farms the flower comes with COAs and a lot of details from their web site. A clean flower is guaranteed when you smoke Botany Farms.