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HipCamp claims to be the most extensive collection of camping sites available on the web in addition to a site for landowners who own private property to make use of their property to earn money profitably.

How Does HipCamp Work?

As per their web site, the founders of HipCamp.com thought it would be easier to locate one place for campers and people who enjoy the outdoors can find fascinating and exciting locations to camp throughout the United States.

In this way they developed an inventory of all National and State parks, as well as Regional as well as Army Corps parks in all fifty states, which resulted in nearly 300,000 campsites all across US.

However, HipCamp.com states that the truth lies in the fact that 60 percent of terrain that is in United States is privately owned and, aside from the creation of a database of already established campgrounds and parks they also provide the possibility for individuals to advertise their private land as a camping spot for campers to enjoy , and thus they can earn additional money.

HipCamp states that offering people the opportunity to utilize their land to earn money without having to develop it, but instead using it in a sustainable manner can help people feel inspired to ensure that their land is protected.

In this way, they want to not just provide helpful instruments for those who are already passionate about the earth, but also encourage a new generation of people to feel more connected to the world that surrounds them.

The process of using their website is easy. All you need to do is type in an address and zip code in the region that you want to stay and they'll display all locations that are available in that region.

You may choose to explore their land sharing properties in case you're looking for unique and remote camping locations.

Cost/Price Plans

Utilizing this site to find parks and campgrounds is free of charge. those who refer HipCamp.com for private property owners interested in enrolling in their land sharing opportunities will be eligible for an $250.00 credit in the event that the landowner agrees.

Refund Policy

HipCamp.com does not offer their own refund policy. Instead, those who visit their site to search for and reserve campgrounds must to adhere to the guidelines of the park, campground or land share company who they book their reservations with.

Customer Service Contact Info

Customers who would like to speak to Customer Service about their questions or concerns can contact Customer Service via sending an email via [email protected] or [email protected] depending on the concern, or utilize their website's Live Chat service if it is available.


There aren't many reviews on this site from those who have been successful using their tools for booking campsites, there are plenty of testimonials from travel blogs and websites that are highly positive about what the website's efforts and the services they provide their clients.

Competitors and Alternatives?

If you're happy camping in a typical campground, National, State, or Regional parks there are numerous websites that can assist you in finding campsites along with prices and reservation details.

If you've had a positive an experience using HipCamp or their products, please share your comments below.