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Honey Play Box - Seduction - Sex Toy Review

I'm always seeking exciting new experiences when it comes to trying new products that provide pleasure. There's only so much you could write about the wand massager , or a rabbit vibration device after having looked over many dozens of. This is the reason I picked Seduction in the first place when asked to select an item from Honey Play Box. Honey Play Box website. I've seen similar toy before, and was interested to see how it was like for me.

This is a toy that comes with the ability to lick and suck. Each feature is operated individually. I want to be clear that it's quite violent and isn't recommended for those who aren't confident or those with little to no experience with sexual toys. This isn't the same as a vibrator.

It was designed to demonstrate the cunnilinguistic experience However, it's in the upper echelon. It could cause too much trouble for somepeople, particularly when you use the'sucking feature. I prefer using the licking method alone, and it was extremely stimulating for me, not to mention relaxing.


Seduction is packaged in a sleek, hard box, which also includes an instruction leaflet as well as an USB charge cable.


It's made of silicone and ABS. It is splashproof , but not water-proof. It can be used with lubricants based on water.

The strength of vibration:

Though it does not vibrate, it's super intense.



I would suggest applying lubricant to this toy. I would suggest applying lubricant to the tongue to give the most authentic experience. It is possible to enjoy the licking either with or without sucking or perhaps the sucking with the licking If you like. I have to admit it was just a little too much for me and I decided to stick to the licking exclusively. It can be utilized on different parts of the body to play and can provide unique sensations. When washing, one should be cautious not to overfill the holes with water.


It was a bit difficult to achieve climax with this particular product. I believe it's more designed to be a foreplay toys. I really enjoyed that tongue flickering though...


Unique sensations. Two independent motors. Rechargeable. Elegant packaging. Affordable.


Extremely intense. It could be too for certain.

Ideal for:

  • Sex toys connoisseurs looking for new sensations.
  • Cunnilingus lovers.
  • Clitoral stimulation.
  • Foreplay.

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Watch the video below if like to know how it operates.

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~ Jaqueline Hayden