Nanobebe Baby Products Review February 2024

Nanobebe Bottle Review - Best Baby Bottle That Resembles The Breast

Have you ever thought about keeping breast milk in the wrong temperature and heating it up in an ordinary bottle can cause damage to its valuable nutritional value and its immunological significance? However, there's an option to remedy this issue I'll introduce you to the Nanobebe baby bottle.

Giving your baby milk is among the most wonderful moments you can experience as a mom. It will bring you and your baby together, with your baby being fed not only food, but also love, a sense of security and closeness as well as warmth. But, the process of breastfeeding is often disrupted by circumstances that are beyond control like mom having return to work earlier than she had planned.

Nanobebe Nanobebe was created by two dads who recognized the importance it is for a baby to feed on breastmilk.

They recognized the primary issue in bottle feeding that most parents do not know about that is that storing milk at temperatures that are too cold and then quickly warming it destroys the precious nutrients present that are present in milk. This is basically a sign that, even when babies are bottle fed, they are receiving breast milk it is less nutritious. value.

Additionally, realizing that a baby may not want the bottle because they are used to their breasts of their mothers, they went to design a patent-pending the shape of the bottle is similar to mother's breast. This is how this distinctive bottle for babies who are breastfed was born.

It's a little more expensive than the standard bottles, and a lot of parents question if it is effective and worth the cost. Then, in my Nanobebe review, I'll look at whether this baby bottle is a good choice for those who have switched from breastfeeding to bottle feeding. I'll go over all its benefits and drawbacks.

What You Should Know About This Bottle

There are many feeding bottles available. What makes Nanobebe different? If you're breastfeeding, you already know the nutritional value as well as the additional advantages of your milk.

If you're unable to breastfeed for a variety of reasons, but you desire your child to benefit from the nutritional value1while bottle fed then you need to consider alternatives. The best option appears to be the Nanobebe bottle. This bottle allows mothers to continue to breastfeed, even if the outcome is not what we expected.

Additionally, it can reduce your time by as you can pump directly into the bottle, which can be used to keep your breastmilk to use later as a feed for your infant.

Here are a few essential aspects to be aware of in this baby bottle:

It is designed to look like mother's breast for ease of breastfeeding. Many parents who've tried it say it's one of the ideal bottle for a breastfed infants who are resistant to bottle. It is more likely that your baby will be able to accept this bottle.

It's the most ideal bottle for breastfeeding babies because of its shape. the milk cools and is able to warm up quicker than standard bottles, which helps preserve its precious nutrients (more on this later)

It can use to pump breastfeeding milk straight into bottles because of its pump adaptor.

It's a one-stop feeding solution Pump cold, store, warm and feed your baby with the same bottle

Feeding bottles stackable. They require less space in your fridge. Each bottle is equipped with caps for storage. With the anti-slip silicone bottom, you won't have to worry about the bottle tipping over or spills of milk.

These bottles for infants are anti-colic that feature a sophisticated nasal venting technology to help reduce gassiness and infantile colic in breastfeeding babies

It features a breast-like, non-collapsible nose that is easy to grasp. Every bottle has a a slow flow teat, however, you are able to upgrade to a higher flow as your child gets older. There are four flows available including medium, slow, and Y-cut which is extremely fast. It's great that the brand currently offers a 5th flow rate which is a an exclusive nipple designed for premature babies and babies. It's crucial to know the flow rate of your teat that is suitable for your baby, to prevent swallowing air during feeding, and causing painful gassiness or colic.

It is possible to purchase bottles and accessories that are useful separately or in an entire set (which is generally a cheaper alternative):

Starter Set (15 percent off*) Includes four bottles Smart Warming Bowl for rapid and even heating and pacifiers, silicone nappies as well as breast pump adapters.

A Newborn Christmas Gift set (15 percent off*) It includes everything listed above, plus an extra microwave steam sterilizer as well as drying rack.

How Does It Work?

It features a unique geometrical design, resembling the breasts of mothers. This reduces the chance of the baby not wanting the bottle.

The breast milk is evenly distributed within the bottle, making thin layers. This is because the milk cools rapidly and is refrigerated up to 2 times faster than normal bottles.

This is vital, because when you store nursing milk on the table at room temperatures for too long, the bacteria will grow in it more quickly. It is recommended to keep it in the fridge as soon as you can to preserve its nutritional and immune-boosting characteristics2. Most parents aren't aware of how important this is. Because of Nanobebe cooling so fast it's more likely the milk will be important properties.

Another factor that most parents aren't aware of which can cause harm to the breast milk's nutrients is warming. In a standard bottle , the milk is heated unevenly, often producing hot spots.

The design of Nanobebe helps solve this issue - because the milk is dispersed in a thin layer, it is able to warm evenly and at a the safe temperature, which is about 2 times quicker than normal bottles! With this short preparation time it means that your milk isn't at risk of overheating and its essential nutrients are not destroyed. Additionally, there's less chance of hot spots that can harm your child's mouth. In addition, your child who is hungry will no longer have to wait for a long time to get his or her delicious bottle.

This warming bowl (sold separately or part of the Starter Set and Newborn Set) is ideal for making the bottle, which allows the milk to be heated to a safe temperature. It can be used at home, and it's ideal for making milk while traveling.

Baby bottles, designed by Nanobebe can be used from the beginning. They are an ideal option for babies who are only used to breastfeeding. The older child can rely for the milk bottle and teach him how to feed themselves. Because of its shape it is easily carried by the infant.

It is important to note that due to this form, you'll have to place your baby in an almost horizontal position, just as when it were nursing. In the event that you don't, there will be some liquid left in the bottom. Most mothers don't want to see their precious liquid is discarded! This is why I wouldn't suggest this bottle for infants who are more inclined to feed semi-upright.

Through the anti-colic system (nipple air vents) the pressure of air inside the bottle decreases which means there is a lower possibility of swallowing air, and suffering from stomach aches.

Another benefit is that the bottle is linked to a variety of conventional breast pumps, meaning that mom can directly pump into it, and can save time.

Pros & Cons


  • Plus, it makes it easier to transition between breastfeeding and bottle feeding much more easy
  • A unique shape and design - the baby bottles resemble breasts and therefore reduces the possibility of refusal to drink
  • + Milks are quickly warm while preserving its nutritional value
  • + It can be linked via a breast pump in order to help speed up the process of feeding bottles
  • + No collapsing Nipples
  • + Made from BPA free material
  • Easy to clean
  • Two sizes of bottle available with sizes of 5oz and 8. five different flow rates available to select from


  • It is more expensive than standard bottles.
  • Risk of leakage

How Do You Pump Into A Nanobebe Bottle?

It's very easy. To pump your milk into Nanobebe bottles it is necessary to connect it to your pump with a specific adapter, and you can pump you milk straight into your bottle. I believe this is an enormous benefit because it can save the time and effort.

Based on the needs of your child depending on your baby's needs, you can hand it to your child at the time or keep it in the future for.

What pumps are compatible with Nanobebe?

A lot of breast pumps can be used with the Nanobebe adapter. Nanobebe can be used with Medela and Spectra, Ameda, Lansinoh, Evenflo and many other pumps with a standard and wide neck. The company offers the two types of adapters to accommodate two different neck types.

This is just one of the reasons why this is the most effective bottle for breastfeeding babies!

Can Nanobebe Bottles Be Used For Formula?

Nanobebe bottles is suitable for formula, however it is suggested to prepare the food in a separate container before pouring it into. This bottle was originally designed to be used for breast milk. However, in the event that you want to add formula then you can include formula in it!

Can You Microwave Nanobebe Bottles?

Yes you can microwave Nanobebe bottles. However, the manufacturer suggests using their warming bowl for this use. This will ensure that the milk heats evenly and at a an appropriate temperature, and does not get too hot.

The general consensus is that I do not recommend using the making milk in the microwave for your baby since it is a common cause of hot spots. I've written more on it in this article .

What Are Nanobebe Bottles Made Of?

The Nanobebe bottles consist from Polypropylene (PP) The bottom of the bottles is comprised of thermoplastic Elastomers (TPE) and the Nipple is made from silicone. These bottles do not contain BPA, PVC, lead and phthalates which could be likely to harm the baby.

How To Clean It?

It is easy to clean by hand, and is dishwasher safe. It's easy to take apart and also there aren't any difficult-to-access places, there aren't any nooks or crannies.

It's also interesting that you can sterilize the bottles with hot water. According to the company, this shouldn't do any harm!

Following each use, you may also clean it using an Nanobebe steam sterilizer (if you don't wish to buy the complete Newborn Set that includes the sterilizer, you could purchase it on its own). This is the best method to keep your Nanobebe bottles safe and clean.