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 It's no secret that aesthetics are the primary driver behind a significant part of our buying decisions even though we may not be willing to admit it. However, while picking the adorable phone case or wine bottle that has a smiling dog over other options could not have a major impact on the performance of the product however, this same reasoning isn't the case with sexually-oriented toys. The vast array of products in this market combined with a absence of knowledge about them in the general population is a risky combination and the reason hundreds of people not realize that they are putting their health at risk every day with harmful toys. In addition, with no traditional ways to promote or advertise products, businesses must consider ways to be noticed in a marketplace that isn't keen on them. One example could be OSUGA Cuddly Bird, a multi-award winning clitoral stimulator that's not only adorable and adorable, but also functions as a lamp that gives the perfect feel. It is a matter of what percentage of this is just a trick created to attract attention and how much is actually a quality sexual toy?

Before we move on I'd like to discuss what people have asked me ever since I received the following question: "Isn't this the same toy that Biird as well as Cuddly Buddy claim to be the brand's own?". I've wondered myself since seeing this toy first time in the year 2000, and after doing a lot of investigation, I can say that the short answer is yes. The longer answer is that it was originally a joint venture in the year 2019 by two Chinese brands and In-Dare, with Courage & Wisdom supplying the design and manufacturing specifications the product, with In-Dare developing the design and the functionality. Both brands don't appear to have previous experiences in the industry, but they wanted to create something "more than simply a sexy toy" and was able to "attract newcomers" through its appealing design. The brand was awarded three design awards which included the highly coveted Red Dot, and launched an Indiegogo for additional funding. The company then attracted to the interest of Dutch company Biird which offered to bring Cuddly Bird to Cuddly Bird to a European market. However, Biird changed the name of the toy in the name of Obii and claimed that it was their own and their website stated that it was invented by them "after several years of research and tweaking". They even emailed me and said that it was developed by the Netherlands in the year 2018 "when four veteran designers from the adult market came together to develop unique products" which was later introduced into an Asian market in the year 2019 by Biird, which is absurdly false (and when I tried to contact them regarding it, they emailed me). Courage & Wisdom then forced them to change their name to OSUGA (which is why you won't any longer notice "Obii" on any Biird branding) However, after a series of legal problems, they stopped providing this product Biird completely (which is a source of confusion as to what they're doing with the product?). After adopting the brand name OSUGA, Courage & Wisdom then began selling Cuddly Bird internationally. For the place Cuddly Buddy can be found I'm a little more unclear, but they are an authorized seller of the product, possibly meant to take over Biird and target the US market. One of the main points here is that OSUGA are the primary manufacturer of the product, and Biird should not be trusted.

Despite the difficulties OSUGA might have had to overcome in bringing this product across to the western market however, they appear to be doing a great job of this toy right now. There is an online website on which they offer Cuddly Bird, the Cuddly Bird, as well as their most recent release which is the G-Spa. Like the Cuddly Bird, it makes use of suction and has an animal-like look (this is an animal) It also simplifies things (aka it's not the same as a lamp) this could be a positive development in my view since I am always concerned that companies are trying to accomplish too much in a single product. One thing I like regarding OSUGA's website OSUGA site is its possibility to confirm the authenticity of your item by entering the security number (this is found by scratching the silver strip that is on the reverse side of the package) In addition, due to the increasing popularity of this toy, it's bound to draw counterfeit duplicates.

The OSUGA Cuddly bird offers suction and vibrating inside its small body but it's easy to overlook that and become completely distracted by its cute appearance. The birdlike components of its design flawlessly and is charming, rather than scary, by having its suction nozzle look like an ear, while the point that is tapered on the back resembles the tail. The beautiful ridges of that of Tenga Iroha Plus Kushi then run throughout the body and a flat base means that the bird can stand on its own even when it is it is not being used. One thing In-Dare notes in their site that they paid special attention to was the feel of the silicone. it was definitely worth the effort since it's some of the most comfortable I've ever experienced, and when paired with its ridges makes Cuddly Bird extremely enjoyable to play with on your hand. The Cuddly Bird comes in stunning colors of yellow (which is the one I own) as well as blue and pink The silicone it's composed of is 100% body-safe. The base of the toy is an uninvolved section of ABS plastic which is also the area where the two buttons are they are beautifully made to look like a small moustache. Next to that on the lower side of the "tail" you'll see the OSUGA logo etched into the silicone. Made of steel the buttons function as charging plates. It is these plates that connect to the stand for charging that lights up when connected. The clear dome can be put on top of the Cuddly Bird while it's charged, and although it doesn't have any practical function, it's a stunning design and keeps things in a discreet manner. In addition, like any good sex toys, this one is USB rechargeable. However, it's only water-resistant and not completely waterproof it's a shame as suction toys are a favorite for use in water.

OSUGA delivered its Cuddly Bird at the beginning of 21st January and I received it on the 28th. The sender's name wasn't listed however the contents were "G Spa" (as the toy was also part of the package) It's not the most subtle however at most, a simple Google search for the word will not bring up the item as being listed, and for my complete unboxing, check this out. The packaging of the Cuddly Bird is rather minimal, sporting an almost white box and the only distinct elements being a large, embossed version of the OSUGA logo on the front of the box, as well as an uninspiring piece of text that describes the item and the design awards it has won as well as a faint outline of the item on the back and a label on the back with all of the legal details. The box is then opened open to reveal a small blue box the box, and it's here that you'll see the item inside its charging case, which is encased on top of foam. The removal of this will allow you to access the accessories included in the toy that include the charger as well as instructions (which include the warranty of 1 year for the toy) and a stunning blue storage case that's filled with the softest material you've ever seen. Additionally, the toy comes with one of my most loved security stickers (which is required to take off prior to taking it from its box) and states "The adventure to the next world" and is an outrageously bold claim that I am committed to. Overall, I am awestruck by OSUGA's packaging of The Cuddly Bird as it feels extremely luxurious and elegant while also offering the peace of mind that nobody could tell the difference in the absence of a close inspection.

The charging method for this toy is distinctive and adds a whole fresh dimension of enjoyment for this Cuddly Bird. For starters, you'll have for the base to be connected to the USB charging port by using the supplied cord Then the toy can be placed the top. The base features sketchy outline of moustache-like buttons which you can use as a guideline for where you should place the toy however , the magnets will assist you in guiding the toy in the right location. Once you've got it there, the magnetic strength is quite strong and it's very unlikely that the toy will drop off, particularly when the cover is placed on the top. Also, a piece of silicone that is placed on the underside of the base will ensure that it can be held to any flat surface you've set it on. The base which surrounds the toy's body will gradually blink with a greenish yellowish light turning off and back on to show when the toy has been charged and then switch off after the charge is complete, with the charging process taking about 2.5 hours, and delivering approximately 2.5 minutes of suction and around 80 minutes of vibrating. Or, you could connect the base with no toy in it, which means the lights will remain in use as a mood light instead. It's absolutely stunning, regardless of regardless of whether the toy is included or not. It is a perfect example of another piece of homeware, due to its strong resemblance with glass domes that are often used to store items these times. However, the downside is that, if you want to be discrete with your toys, it is not possible to recharge it without the base, and having it flash and flashing, which is certainly something you should consider. Additionally, the toy comes with a low-battery alert in the event that it has less than 20% of the battery remaining, a flashing red light on its buttons will blink 3 times.

Because that the OSUGA Cuddly Bird only has two buttons, operating it is quite simple. I've not had to read the instructions every time. The thing that really surprised me was that I was expecting to be able to utilize vibrations and suction simultaneously as with the Satisfyer Luxury however, it's not an option since both functions are not able to operate simultaneously. However, the buttons operate both functions, and they are simple to recognize by the symbols placed next to them which include a circle for suction and the wavy lines representing vibration. To activate either of these functions, you just need to hold the button in that direction for three seconds, which will place it at its slowest steady speed. It is then possible to continue pressing the appropriate button to move through the various modes the Cuddly Bird provides and the suction has 3 levels of intensity, and the vibrations featuring three constant speed and one pattern. If you wish to switch between different functions at any moment, hold the other button for three seconds and then to turn off the toy, you'll be required to hold the button to activate the feature currently being used. Additionally, you can enable and deactivate the toy's travel lock by pressing both buttons for 3 minutes, and the success is marked through a flashing red LED close to the buttons of the toy flashing. Overall, it works great however, as I stated in my earlier review that having only 3 levels with regard to suction is very inadequate and not sufficient according to me.

Following my terrible Review of Bestvibe's Vibrator Suction, there are some similarities in these two products that I can't not help but notice. They are, first of all, both toys that feature the combination of suction and vibrations. They're the only two toys from my large collection of clitoral stimulators that provide three levels of suction. What's more troubling is the fact that Cuddly Bird, like the Suction Vibrator Cuddly Bird, just like the Suction Vibrator however, doesn't have a suction nozzle that is deep to provide contactless stimulation through air waves like the other toy that I own, but features a tiny, fully-siliconed hole that is just about the same size as the nail on my pinky. While I was first evaluating the Bestvibe toy, I didn't really think about this, but ultimately it became apparent that the product didn't provide any suction and was merely an ineffective attempt to replicate it with vibrations that resulted in me suffering quite many pains. This is why I was worried when I noticed it was similar to it looked like the Cuddly Bird looked similar, and, indeed, the technology employed in this model is exactly identical, but however, there is no suction generated whatsoever. Instead, a tiny plate just vibrates inside the nozzle to reproduce the feeling in a more affordable way (which is also the reason it's got so low levels of intensity, since it's using a vibrator motor , which generally has three speed). It is much quieter as the Suction Vibrator which I would guess. In terms of the vibrations, they were also very alarming as they felt very weak and fuzzy, while also being extremely loud. Additionally, while OSUGA advertises that the entire body of the toy is "vibratile" I find this as a disadvantage because it means that there is no place to hold the Cuddly Bird however, there is no place where the vibrations are the strongest.

Following my experience with the Bestvibe Suction Vibrator I was scared to try OSUGA Cuddly Bird. OSUGA Cuddly Bird. In particular, considering that other bloggers had warned me of the possibility of suffering injuries from it. After a number of tests, I do believe that even though the Suction Vibrator was a good instance of this alternate "suction" technology that went wrong but this can be a good example being done right. I've been thoroughly enjoying my time using the Cuddly Bird. With Bestvibe's version of it, I often thought about how I felt nothing I was able to feel, and often wondered whether I had switched it off incorrectly however this is definitely evident with Cuddly Bird. It is instead extremely thrilling and extremely enjoyable, and I've experienced several amazing orgasms to date. Also, I've never experienced any issues with its vibrating plate hitting me , or even shutting off if I press on it too hard and that's probably the reason I injured myself previously. Regarding how it compares with the actual toy that uses suction it's a distinct sensation and I personally prefer the air-wave stimulation that I get from my Satisfyer and Womanizer toys. Even if there was any distinction, the lack of intensity levels that are present in this Cuddly Bird (my current favourite comes with a typical 12 just for comparison) is a major drawback which makes comparing it with any other toy that I have in my collection of suction toys difficult.

In terms of the Cuddly Bird's vibrating sounds unfortunately, they're too weak and insignificant to be stimulating enough to cause joy, let alone gasp. I am of the opinion that in order to ensure that the entire body of the toy can use as a vibration generator as well, they've placed the motor in the middle, ensuring there isn't a single area that has enough frequency to go into my body to sense. Additionally, my hand is also vibrating, which can be unpleasant after a while, and having there is no area that I can be able to grind on, it was not for me.

The cleaning of OSUGA's OSUGA Cuddly Bird is relatively simple, however you have to be cautious not to get it wet since it's splash-proof. You can clean the nozzle using a bit of soap, and rinse it off with warm water. If you've had a chance to get dirt on the body using the nozzle, then it is possible to do the samething, but you might also have scrub the areas where bacteria could be been buried, like the edges or the controls, using an extra toothbrush that is soapy. It is then possible to let it dry out and then return it to its storage or stand bag. Because it is made of silicone, make sure that you don't use silicone-based lubricants with it or, if you do, make sure you test it in a spot.

In the beginning of this review, I talked about how a lot of companies are resorting on gimmicks and quick fixes to make their products look different rather than concentrating on enjoyment as well as user safety. unfortunately, I think this is a trap that OSUGA has also fell into. Cuddly Bird Cuddly Bird comes off as something designed by a team of outstanding design expertise that have made sure that it is appealing visually and also sounds great on paper, yet it lacks the required experience to design the best sex toys, and if you look at the design brief of In-Dare, you will see precisely is what it claims to be. It's gorgeous, but the sound is a bit squeaky and the suction technique utilized is not as good as the one used with Satisfyer and Womanizer It is more of an inferior version that was likely designed to keep copyright issues out of the way. Additionally it isn't just that this brand new kind of "suction" not as relaxing however, it also raises security issues, and although I've had no problems personally, I've heard of others who aren't so fortunate. The reason for this is that the space for your clitoris inside the cuddly bird is so tiny that if yours is bigger than mine (which you won't be able to tell until you test it) it will either not fit in any way or could be injured in the event that the vibrating plate comes into contact with your body. The end of the day, I did like the suction action of this toy. Cuddly Bird, and so I'm not going tell that you should stay away from this toy, particularly when I realize that many people will want it for the way it looks. However, be aware of the problems I've covered here and be aware that it might not work for you. Also, be sure to stop using it if pain occurs.

It is possible to purchase the Cuddly Bird from OSUGA at just $102 AUD or $79 USD. 

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