SammyDress Review - Is SammyDress Legit ?

 SammyDress offers online shopping who states that their mission will be "to provide a wide range of high quality, trendy fashion clothing at stunning factory prices".

Everyone would like to appear shining in stylish, quality clothes, however, most of the time the items are priced at an expensive price. Therefore, the main question is whether SammyDress can provide quality products at affordable prices or if that's an empty marketing slogan. Another crucial question is whether SammyDress provides the top services you'd expect from a top online retailer of fashion (such as speedy delivery, simple returns, efficient customer support service, and much more). First of all will you know if SammyDress real, or is it simply another fake store?

It's true, SammyDress is legit. It's not a fraud since they have a great reputation and have never stolen your credit card or money details. The item you purchase will be delivered to you that you purchase from their store without issue.

In this SammyDress review will look at Sammy Dress in order to provide information to aid you in answering these questions and many more.

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What is SammyDress? - Background

SammyDress is a world-wide online retailer of clothing. It provides the latest styles of children's, ladies' and men's clothes as well as beauty products and accessories. Sammy Dress is a sub-company of the Yigou International Group, which is headquartered in China.

The company states that it is determined to offer high-quality products at incredible factory prices. In the process, it seeks to build solid relationships with various manufacturers. Customers will find affordable costs in Sammy Dress.

Is SammyDress legitimate?

SammyDress is a legit store. If Sammy Dress is legit or not is a vital concern. Due to the high number of fraudsters and scammers, it is imperative to be careful when shopping at online stores. However, there are those who are able to easily dismiss the terms scam or legit. This is why it's frequent for reviewers to throw legitimate platforms at which they are satisfied with, while throwing "scam" at platforms that they don't like.

We try to be impartial in our usage of terms. However, our first inspection of a genuine online store is its legality. This is due to the fact that legally-licensed stores are more likely to be frauds. Sammy Dress actually ticks this box since it is a subsidiary of the Chinese Yigou International Group. Yigou International Group.

Another test to identify a legitimate store is to check the time. This is because fake stores tend to be short-lived. Sammy Dress also ticks the box on this front because it's in business from 2006, that's a little over 13 years.

The most crucial test for a legitimate shop is its fitness for use; this is how much the store is able to deliver what it claims to provide. For Sammy Dress, that will be high-quality products at extremely affordable costs. It's clear that Sammy Dress offers on the second aspect (very affordable costs) but on the first (quality items) however, it's not so great. You'll see many reviews online that slam Sammy Dress as a scam shop due to the numerous instances of receiving inferior products from the retailer.

There are many testimonials from customers who were satisfied with the quality of Sammy Dress. Therefore, Sammy Dress does provide high-quality products (even when they aren't always) with a great price. However, when it comes to fitness use, Sammy Dress comes out as a legitimate shop, even though it's rife with a myriad of issues.

Are Sammy Dress safe?

Sure, SammyDress can be trusted. If you're looking to use an websites, particularly online shops where you're required to provide not just personal details but as well credit card details You'll want the retailer to be secure in protecting the personal information you give it. Any store that's not secure and the personal information you provide will be exposed and make you vulnerable to the many fraudsters out there.

Thank goodness, SammyDress does tick this checkbox. The store's privacy policy states that its privacy statement that it employs a range of security measures that include using secure servers. The most important security measure is the fact that all sensitive or data about transactions is transferred using the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology to ensure that unauthorised users are not able to steal the information. Additionally, the data is encrypted when it's being transmitted to ensure its security in case it's accidentally accessed by hackers. Additionally, after the transaction, the person's personal data (credit card information as well as social security numbers and so on) are not stored on servers.

To ensure the confidence that the security systems used by Sammy Dress, its website and servers are inspected outside with McAfee Secure (from Symantec) regularly. It's secure to say it is safe to say that Sammy Dress is safe in protecting users' personal information.

Product Range

An ideal store online will be a single-stop shop that offers various items are available. By having everything you need at one location saves you time and effort of navigating through other stores. In addition to the convenience an extensive product selection provides the customer, it also offers cost savings. There are discounts on larger orders as well as savings by shipping one order instead of multiple orders to different stores.

Sammy Dress ticks the box in this regard, because it's a boutique with a broad selection of products. The various categories of products and the specific products you'll find within the categories are like this:


  1. Women Dresses - Long sleeve dresses, Sweater dresses, Vintage dresses, Maxi dresses, Print dresses, Casual dresses, Bodycon, Club dresses, Mini dresses, Lace dresses, Cute dresses, Bohemian dresses, Chiffon dresses, Summer dresses, Maternity dresses, Work dresses, Denim, Two piece dresses, and more
  2. Swimwear swimwear Bikini One-pieces Tankinis, Cover-Ups, Tankinis and Kaftans. Bikini bottoms Bikini Tops,
  3. Tops Blouses and Long Sleeves Tees and T-shirts tops Waist Coats, Crop Tops, Kimono, Capes
  4. Plus Size Dresses, Tops Bottoms T-Shirts, swimwear, outerwear and activewear. cardigans and sweaters, intimates and Hoodies
  5. Ladies' pants - bottoms skirts, leggings, shorts jeans and denim jumpsuits, rompers
  6. Intimates and Lingerie - Babydolls Corsets and Bustiers Bras, Sets of Bras Pyjamas and Intimates accessories. Loungewear, Sexy dress wear, Garters, Panties Teddies Cosplay costumes, Camisoles
  7. Outerwear: Hoodies and sweatshirts, Jackets and Coats, Blazers
  8. Sweaters and Cardigans -
  9. Active clothing - Sports bras shorts tops, pants, and leggings, clothes
  10. Dance Costumes
  11. Accessories - Socks, Scarves, Hosiery, Hats, Belts, Gloves


  1. Long sleeves on shirts. Short sleeves
  2. Pants - Joggers, Chino, Cargo, Casual, Jeans
  3. Tees as well as Tank Tops Polos, T-shirts, Tank tops and long sleeves

Swim wear

Active wear

Outerwear - Blazers, Jackets Coats as well as Waist coats

Hoodies and Sweatshirts - Hoodies, Sweatshirts

Cardigans and Sweaters

Underwear and Lounge wear - Underwear, Loungewear

Shorts board Shorts, Cargo short, casual short

Big and Tall

Accessories - Belts, Scarves, Cuff links, hats and tie clips Ties, Socks,


Bracelets, Earrings, Necklaces and Pendants. Anklets, sweater chains, Brooches Jewelry for the body Key chains, Jewelry for men

Home and Garden

Bed and Bath sets - Bedding sets decorative pillows and shams Throws and blankets, Bathroom products

Home Decor - Decorative accents wall stickers, clocks, Pipes and Ash Trays

Hand Spinner

Outdoor Furniture : Cycling fishing, hunting, water fitness, sports and fitness Hiking, Camping, and skiing

Kitchen and Dining Cookware, Barware, Tools for kitchens, drinkware and cleaning tools, small appliances

Mobile Phone Accessories

Office and School Supply


Garden Supply - Garden tools, BBQ, Temperature Gauges

Supplies for Festive and Party Event and party equipment Masks for masquerade and Christmas decorations artificial flowers, as well as other holiday-related items

Pet Supplies - Dogs, Cats


Synthetic Wigs, Lace Front Wigs, Human Hair Wigs Cosplay Wigs Hair Pieces for parties, Wigs Hair Extensions Hair Weaves, Men's Wigs and hair accessories


Women Hand bags - Shoulder bags, Cross body bags, Clutches bags, Backpacks, Tote Bags, Evening bags

Men Bags - Backpacks, Briefcases, Messenger bags, Men's Clutches

Bifold wallets - Bifold wallets

Kid's Bags

Cosmetic Bags


Smart watches, watches for men women's watches, sports watch, watches for kids pocket watches, couples watches, unisex watches accessories for watches


Women's Shoes - Boots, Pumps, Sandals, Sneakers, Flats, Wedges, Slippers, Peep Toes, Platform Shoes

Men's Shoes Casual Shoes Athletic Shoes Men's slippers, dress shoes Shoes made of canvas and boots

Kid's Shoes - Girl's Boots and sneakers for girls Flat shoes for girls


Beauty and Care - Make-up Tools Eyes face, lips, Massage and relaxation, temporariously tattoos shaving hair and shaving

Nails and Tools: False nails, Nails tools Nail polishes and acrylic powders stickers and decals, Rhine stones and decoration

Sunglasses - Women sunglasses, Men's sunglasses, Kids' sunglasses, glasses box


Toys Toys Plush toys, animation and models. RC toys, fun toys/ gifts, puzzles/ educational

Ladies' clothing - Summer dresses, short sleeves Long sleeved dresses, casual clothing, swimwear, pants, leggings, jumpsuits and T-shirts, as well as skirts. Blouses and Shirts Long sleeve and sports suits jackets and coats Cardigans and sweaters, joggers and sweat pants Vests and waistcoats and jeans

Boys' Clothing - Casual suits T-shirts, Shorts Sporty suits, shirts, swimwear, long sleeve pants, jeans, cardigans and sweaters jackets and coats sweatpants and joggers and waiter coats

Kid's Pyjamas

Kid's Accessories : hats, caps socks, scarves, hair accessories and tie

It's evident it's clear that Sammy Dress has everything fashion for everyone in the family (men as well as women and children). The company claims to have more than 200,000 lines of products. So , no matter what fashion item you're looking to purchase chances are you'll find it on Sammy Dress.

Pricing and Related Policies


In terms of prices everybody wants the prices as affordable as they can. Sammy Dress says it is fundamental to offer top product of the highest quality at "competitively low factory direct prices". To accomplish this, it states that it's determined to work with wholesalers of business all over the world to offer "best possible deals". This means that the prices you'll see at the store will be unbeatably low .

It's a relief to affirm that Sammy Dress does live in line with its "low price" advert blurbs. You can discover a variety of clothes that cost less than $10, which includes some beautiful women's dresses and tops. There are also a variety of women's shoes and boots less than $20. One of them caught our eye and was a snake skin high heel shoe that retails for $32.31. It could easily cost three figures at other shops.

Because Sammy Dress offers a wide variety of merchandise and prices, they are different. But for each product you'll discover that the prices provided at Sammy Dress are among the highest you'll find elsewhere.


The fact that the prices are competitive is good, it's more appealing if the retailer offers customers products for less than price at which they are sold. This is why online stores that offer promotions are always attractive. Incredibly, we discovered Sammy Dress to also be generous in their offers.

Shops with generous promotions will have a good amount of discounts on their websites The same was true as Sammy Dress. The landing page of the site we discovered the following: Sammy Dress welcomes its new customers by offering a 10% discount.

But, these promotions tend to be time-specific that change from time the time. As of the writing time for this review, other promotions are discounts of 7% for new products, and the clearance sale, with prices beginning at $0.99.

Payment Methods

The last thing you want when you make purchases online is an inconvenient payment procedure. So, the perfect online store will offer an array of payment options. Sammy Dress ticks this box.

It is possible to pay for Sammy Dress purchases using PayPal or the most popular credit/debit cards (such as Mastercard, Visa, American Express, JCB), wire transfer, webmoney Cashu as well as Boleto. With the variety of options you should not have a difficulty in making payments for your order regardless of where you're living.

Using Sammy Dress


To make use of Sammy Dress for purchases, you'll need to sign up. Sammy Dress does not provide any services for

"guest users", who are able to purchase at an online shop without having to register. But, registration is easy and is as simple as registering an account and creating a password.


The ordering process is also simple. The website is simple to navigate and clean. You can pick the item you're looking for by searching categories of products. You can also use the search function on the homepage; enter the details of the item you're looking for and products that match the search will be shown. Click on a specific item to find more information of it. And if you're looking for it, you'll be able to include it into your cart. If you're a first-time user you'll need to provide an address to ship your items. Then, you'll be able to make payment and check out your purchase.

There are several online stores that permit customers to place orders over the phone. However, Sammy Dress does not take orders via phone; you'll need to make all orders on the internet.

Sammy Dress says that if you wish to modify or cancel an order once you have placed it, you may call the support center whenever you can, and something will be resolved. The company guarantees that, if an order is in beginning stages of processing it will be able to be altered or annulled. If, for instance, the order is not yet shipped, you may put the order in a hold and the packing process is suspended while you make adjustments. But, once it is already dispatched, there's the cancellation or change is possible.

S Points

Sammy Dress gives their customers with S points. Then, you can redeem your S points and then apply them towards discounts, which allows you to make a purchases and save. It is interesting to note that there are many methods of earning S Points; which are in the following order:

Registration is free - you earn 10 S Points when you sign up to become an Sammy Dress member

Shopping - when you shop it earns S points. Amount of S Points earned per shopping is the same as the product's price. So when you buy 10 dollars worth of merchandise and earn 10, you will receive 10 S Points.

Photos - you earn 30 S Points for writing reviews with photos of bought items. You can upload an unlimited number of pictures.

Profile Picture: You earn 10 S Points when you upload your Avatar on your account. However, this S Points award is for only the first upload

Review - you earn 10 S Points when you write reviews on a purchased product. But, the review needs to be positive, or it will not be considered.

Vide Review - you get 30 S Points when you post videos for items you have purchased

In the case of S Points, 50 S points are equivalent to $1.00. You can however only utilize your S Points to the tune of 30% of the product's price. For any purchase, your own cash must be used at a rate of 70%..


One of the primary aspects to consider when buying online is shipping. It is important to think about shipping options (whether the online store will deliver to your address) and shipping times (how you'll need to wait for you to receive your package) and the shipping price (how many days it will cost to send your order from the retailer to the location where you'll get the package).

Shipping Destination

If a retailer doesn't ship goods to your location in the United States, receiving your online purchase could be a challenge. So, it is important to make sure that your area is being served from the shop. This is why you'll want to see the store deliver to a variety of locations around the world to ensure that your area can be protected. Sammy Dress ticks the box with regards to this, since it offers shipping to nearly all parts of the globe.

Shipping Time

In case you're not worried about how long you'll wait for the delivery of your package You should also take into consideration the delivery times of the online store you're planning to shop at. Regarding delivery times, the best online store should be one which offers quick delivery.

The time to deliver is influenced by two aspects - the processing time of orders, and time to ship the package. To speed up delivery, both of these times need been drastically reduced. In other words, orders have to be processed quickly and then shipped and delivery should be speedy.

In this respect, Sammy Dress does so-so. The company offers an processing time of around three business days. But the company warns that high-demand products that are experiencing issues with stock availability can take between 5 and 10 business days to be processed. This means that once you have placed your order through Sammy Dress, it may take up to 10 to 10 business days (that is two weeks) before the item leaves the manufacturing centre of the store and begins its journey towards the shipping address. Naturally, the time it takes to process your order is too long and desperately in need of being cut down.

In terms of shipping time, Sammy Dress may also be unable to meet your expectations in certain ways. It does offer a variety of shipping options, however the shipping times are generally slow. It is the Sammy Dress shipping options and the timeframes are as below:

Flat Shipping Rate

8 to 15 days for sending to US and Canada

10 to 20 days for shipping within 10 to 20 days of shipping UK, France, Spain, Germany, Netherlands, Ukraine, Japan, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Ireland, Norway, Portugal, Sweden, Switzerland

15 to 35 days for you ship to Brazil, Russia, Italy, Argentina, Chile, and Mexico

10 to 25 days for shipping to other countries.

Standard Shipping

10 - 25 days after sending from Russia and Brazil

7 to 15 days after the hips are tumbling from Latin America (excluding Brazil)

5 - 8 working days when shipping to other countries

Expedited Shipping

3 - 7 business day for shipping internationally (excluding Russia and Brazil)

Although a variety of shipping options are available but express shipping options like Same Day delivery, Next Day delivery, or 2 days delivery are not available with Sammy Dress. The reviews reveal the fact that Sammy Dress, most often times, fails to deliver in its lengthy timeframes. However, if you're likely to be in a rush to get your goods then you might not find satisfaction within Sammy Dress.

Shipping Cost

If you're not concerned about the extra cost you'll need to pay to get the delivery of your parcel You should consider the shipping costs of the online store you're planning to purchase from. For shipping costs the ideal online store is one which has shipping costs at a minimum.

The shipping costs of Sammy Dress are dependent on various factors including the shipping method chosen as well as the country to which the order will be shipping to, the amount of items included in the order as well as its weight and quantity. So, shipping charges can vary from one purchase to the other. However, it must be noted that the cost of shipping for Sammy Dress will be quite high due to the fact that they are delivered from China.

Returns and Exchanges

Although there are many different sources to assist buying decisions, such as descriptions and pictures of the item However, online purchases remain generally considered to be a blind purchase since you haven't examined the product in person prior to making your purchase. Therefore, the chance exists that once the product is in your possession the item may not be as appealing as it did when you were studying its pictures. Sometimes, other circumstances can take place along the way to the store, and the product may arrive to your doorstep with a different appearance than the way it looked when it was purchased from the store. The main point is that with online purchases there are a variety of reasons to consider returning an item back to the retailer. The ideal retailer is one that will take back any item the buyer isn't entirely satisfied withand offer the replacement (exchange) or refund. Fortunately, Sammy Dress does relatively good in this respect.

Return Window

Like all stores online, Sammy Dress allow only an amount of time for return to be accepted. You'll need a longer time so that you won't be limited in time when making returns. Fortunately, Sammy Dress return window is 30 days following the date of delivery. It is your responsibility to contact Sammy Dress immediately possible in the event that you aren't satisfied with your purchase; After that, you'll need to return the item to the retailer that must be delivered to their headquarters within 30 days of delivery date. It is important to note that the "30 days from delivery date" time frame for returning items is quite lengthy; it's also similar to the standard for the industry since most of the other stores online provide this.

Items that are able to be returned

However, it is taken into consideration that not all purchases are eligible for return. There isn't an online store that guarantees that every item is able to be returned. While some stores have strict policies and restrict the return of as many items as they can, some have a more relaxed policy and permit a variety of returns. It is important to find a store that has the best policy to permit the most returns possible. In this regard, Sammy Dress tilts more towards the latter, and these are retailers that wish to limit returns the amount of return they allow.

For instance the items that are on clearance are not able to be exchanged with Sammy Dress (except the reason for returning the item is the result of an error of the business). That means that if you buy the incorrect size boots or coat, then you'll end up with the item. Fashion stores typically don't want to return clearance items. They are, after all, clearance items that are meant to be cleared. However, stores that have friendly return policies can allow returns on clearance items, but with a smaller time for return (usually just half of the regular period for return). For instance, if you have a 30-day return period for normal items, the return window will take 14 days to return items on clearance.

Additionally, Swimwear, lingerie, and earrings can't be exchanged with Sammy Dress (except the reason for returning is that the company committed an error). Although, these products generally cannot be returned due to reasons of hygiene. However, stores with very friendly return policies permit return of these items when the hygiene strip remains intact.

Conditions of Returns

For items that qualify to be returned However, there are certain conditions they must satisfy before they can be considered eligible for return. Returns must be in perfect condition. This means that the item that is to be returned has to be in the same state it was in when you took the item. It must be unopened and unworn and it must be returned with all tags in good condition, and it should be returned in the original packaging.

Return Process

You don't want to get frustrated by an uneasy return procedure in the event that you aren't satisfied with your purchase. Therefore, the best online store must have an easy return procedure. Sammy Dress ticks the box in this regard.

If you want for a return of an item you'll need to reach Sammy Dress via its customer support channels. When you reach out to Sammy Dress, you'll have to describe the issue in detail , including the reason of wanting to return the item. If the item is defective, damaged items, and "not as described" items it is also necessary send photos or videos. The customer service team has to first approve the return and send you the RMA form. The form is then included with the return. Returns with no RMA form are not accepted.

Return Processing

Sammy Dress will take responsibility when the company is accountable. In other words the case if you're making your return because the product was defective, damaged and/or incorrect or was not exactly as it was described. The company's taking responsibility is that once they have received the item, the business will reimburse you in full the purchase price, as well as the shipping costs or give you a replacement at their expense.

But, if the business isn't at fault and you're only returning the product due to buyer's regret (that is the item isn't yours, or bought the wrong size or color, etc.) If you are seeking to exchange the item, you'll be responsible for the shipping in both directions If you request to get a refund, you'll only be able to claim a refund for the purchase price of the item.

This means that if you're sending something for exchange or return to Sammy Dress you'll need to cover shipping costs unless the return is due to defective damaged or damaged items or in the manner described. Because most of the items ship from China and China, you'll have to pay for high shipping charges.

In addition in terms of how long you'll need wait after returning the object at Sammy Dress before receiving your money back, the company doesn't come off well. The first is that it doesn't specify how long it will take Sammy Dress to process returns or give refunds. Furthermore, the feedback posted on the internet indicate that customers may need to wait for a long time (if even at all) for reimbursements by Sammy Dress.