Zulily Review : Is Legit, Scam or Safe?

It's true, Zulily is a legit clothing store. Zulily isn't a fraud since they won't take your money and not ship your merchandise to you. You can also look through the feedback and complaints of their customers below to help you determine if they are a good choice for you.

What is Zulily?

Zulily is among the most popular American online retailers. Its headquarters are within Seattle, Washington, Zulily sells toys, clothes as well as home goods. Zulily was established with the help of Blue Nile executives Mark Vadon and Darrell Cavens. The company's first public offering was valued at Zulily at around $2.6 billion.

At Zulily Their top goal is helping you find fantastic discounts on high-quality, unique items. They would like you to be satisfied with what you buy. Be assured that if you receive an item which does not satisfy your expectations, they will will try to come up with the solution. Shop happy!

Are Zulily scams or legit?

Zulily is legitimate. It is certain that Zulily isn't a fraud. It's legitimate However, there are mixed reviews from their customers. The majority of them say Zulily is a great option to purchase your dream clothes , etc. however, a few complained that Zulily isn't worth the cost. A majority of those who complained said Zulily did not pay them the right amount. A few complained that they were forced to pay for a portion of return costs, while some complained about Zulily's customer service not being responsive.

It is important to note that Amazon has a few issues about them . However, this doesn't mean they're a fraud or untrue. The most popular online stores like this are often prone to such complaints. Therefore, based the information we have gathered, Zulily is legitimate. We've met many customers who are extremely happy with Zulily because of their purchases from the site. Try them out! an opportunity to try it by purchasing something less expensive to see whether they're worth the cost or not. We're sure you'll purchase more.

Zully complains and provides feedback

lhsrsb says:

I've been a client. for the past 4 years and am extremely satisfied with their goods and their customer service. .... Two times, I've received the wrong product and instead of insisting on returning them, they request that I give them away and receive a refund! The customer service is fantastic and the shipping is slow I'm sure there are certain items that arrive earlier than I expected and other items that can take up to a month , but this is how they operate and I would highly recommend the scents they carry at the most affordable prices and are all original scents ... It's a pleasure to be an extremely happy customer and am glad that I discovered Zulily.

behadu says:

I've ordered from Zulily quite several times and only received one purchase that I was happy with. It actually served me. The most significant issue I've encountered with them is that the measurements aren't in any way accurate and does not meet the measurements stated within the descriptions.

Recently, I ordered two sweaters and two covers for my couch. With regard to the sweater that was based on the size chart I would have been between a medium or small size, however because I wanted the piece to stretch and loose, I chose an extra large. The sweater arrived with all the tags that indicated it was large, but I was unable to get my arms in the sleeves, and my upper torso barely covers my stomach. Not enough, but the quality of the fabric was very poor. I experienced the same issue with the covers for my couch, according to the size charts, one of their covers would be adequate to fill my living room but when they arrived they were barely the right size for in a big chair. However, because of Zulily's extremely restrictive return policy, these items aren't returnable, so I'm now wasting my money on items that don't work and don't have any hope of ever achieving any success.

Caro says:

I've been a customer of Zulily for over 5 years. I've always loved the amazing deals I can find (though I'd like to see them provide Free Shipping!). They frequently have brands I enjoy and will send me an email to let me know when these brands are scheduled to be available on the following day. I highly recommend this website to anyone shopping for their children.

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But, they've added so many products on their website that it is difficult to locate what you're looking for since the filters aren't able to reduce the selection of items to navigate through in a way that is effective enough. Perhaps they're trying encourage people to look up products and to purchase on impulse. If this is the case, they must allow people to return their items.

Nana says:

I had a wonderful experience shopping at Zulily I even returned to purchase for a second time. I purchased a pair of red genuine leather shoes for just $50. Normally, they retail at around $100 (believe that I looked it up!) This was a fantastic bargain. I also purchased clothing, 2 sets. One set fit, while the second one didn't much to my dismay and I eventually gave the item away to a friend.

In my second trip to the store I bought a brand new set of comforters and an extra throw for my living space. Both are 100% cotton and I am awestruck by the design and feel of these items. The set typically retails at around $130, but I got it for just $80. The throw cost $30. I'm not certain what it is normally priced at however I thought that was an acceptable price.


  1. The prices are decent.
  2. There's a great range of items
  3. The site is easy to navigate
  4. The process is simple


Shipping costs could be quite costly, and there aren't any "Free Shipping" events

(*with the one exception: if you make one purchase at 9am on Wednesday, the other orders you make during the day before midnight will be shipped for free. I wasn't terribly pleased with this, which is one reason that I'm not forced to visit as often as I'd want to. I'm a thrifty person.)

The size charts for every shop are extremely insufficient. I could have saved money on that lingerie set which wasn't a good fit, if there had been an exact size chart available which the shop followed. It was a generic size chart that Zulily put together as part of the descriptions for the majority of products. It's very frustrating, especially when you're someone like me who doesn't have normal measurements.

The whole concept behind flash sales is to offer an item at an extremely low price for say three days, then put the event on hold and the merchandise is "never to be seen again"This isn't the case in this instance. I've observed MANY stores have sales for a week, only to come back and offer the same sale two weeks afterward. In other terms, I'm not a fan of the pressure it places on the purchaser, since I was duped! (haha) I could have definitely been patient for an extra couple of weeks and purchased the set of comforters however, it's just the way things are.

The shipping process can take anywhere from two to three weeks. This is explained the "Shipping FAQ" page, make sure you are aware.

There are no returns permitted There are no returns allowed, as Zulily is the main middleman in the entire operation. They permit us to make orders for all the items they provide in their boutique. After the event is finished the owners themselves make an order with the manufacturer and the manufacturer delivers the items. When they have received the bulk order the Zuiliy warehouse takes it apart then packages it and then ships to us! The concept is very cool. I thought I'd be aware of this as some may think this is an omen.


I'm a fan of the site and whenever I'm feeling fancy, and want something fresh and exciting I go to the site. The majority of items on the site, in case I'm not able to pay for it or simply don't have the funds to pay for it, can be purchased on Amazon in the futureThe prices are similar. As a Prime customer I find this appealing because my shipping is completely free. However, if you do take a look You might be surprised at what you can find

Kate states:

I've purchased from Zulily around three times. Each time, the experience was more difficult than the last. The tent was badly damaged, inaccessible, and was not in its case. Since I had a negative experience with the delivery I was offered credit for the store. This credit was used to purchase my daughter a furniture set for her coffee. It was "preparing for shipment" for several weeks before I finally called to find out that "the box has been ready and is just sitting in the warehouse and they don't know why it wasn't sent out yet". Again, I was given store credit for the inconvenience. I utilized the credit to purchase an extra coat. It was expected to arrive before the time Christmas came around. But it was not! It was delivered the following week due to the fact that they had run out of stock when I had placed my order and I was forced to wait for additional. The item arrived but did not fit and had a hole inside. I didn't even bother to tell them about the peacoat since I don't want any more store credit. It's better to spend the money you earn elsewhere and on high-quality items that are delivered on time and in good condition.

Sadi says:

I love Zulily. Excellent quality, timely service and great customer service. They're fantastic... Excellent choice and selection. Why should I go to the mall to buy something when I can shop Zulily for the best price! especially when I reside in a rural, small area. It's wonderful to be able to Zulily available to me

Anna says:

I ordered four items, and was waiting and waiting, but then I got a notice that, after three weeks, they had not yet shipped. So I decided to give up and requested via an email for my purchase to be cancelled. Then I read the reviews on this site and realized that I ought to have decided to shop locally at first! But, I must praise Zulily for immediately refunded my entire purchase, including shipping on the day. The fact that I paid through PayPal certainly played a aspect in this quick refund. At the very least, for me their customer service was fast and professional. I'm not sure if they will place another order.

Nancy states:

Love ZULILY! I've placed an order for half of my wardrobe including boots, sandals and accessories from ZULILY. I've been shopping there for many years and not had any of the issues that other reviews have reported. Actually, they've returned my money and have not demanded that I return the item, numerous times! Impressive!! Their customer service is fantastic They take any issue I may have right away.

Some of Zulily Designs

More Information on Zulily

Zulily Events

Consider every Zulily event as a personalized experience. Inside, you'll find various items that are exclusive to that particular occasion. There are events that feature products from one brand or blend brands to create themed collections. Every day new events are launched and typically last for at least 72 hours. So, be sure to check back regularly to find out what new event you can purchase the next time!

Shipping & Returns

How free consolidated shipping is

If you spot something you like, purchase it before it's sold out. It is then possible to continue searching for other items without having to pay a second charge for shipping and handling in the applicable free shipping time. One of the ways they can help you save money is by the consolidation of items they deliver to you. A single order that includes paying shipping and handling has to be made in order to enable the free Economy shipping and handling for subsequent orders.

If you make another purchase within the free shipping window and you pay for shipping and handling, the cost at checkout will show as $0.00. The time of the free shipping is dependent on the offer and will be stated in the description of the offer and the details. All orders must be placed with Zulily's same Zulily account and shipped to the same account as well as address in the US. Certain products do not qualify for free shipping and handling, and are excluded from any shipping and handling promotions. This is noted on the page with the details of the item or when you check out.

Zulily shipping and delivery methods:

The majority of Zulily orders are delivered through UPS. They make use of the Smart Post, SurePost and Mail Innovations programs. These programs let them depend on the carrier networks for shipping and handling and also on the local U.S. Postal Service carrier for final delivery. For items that are extremely large and have special needs, they collaborate in conjunction with Crane as well as Ceva. Canada orders are shipped through Purolator International as well as Canada Post. Australia as well as The United Kingdom and Ireland orders are delivered via DHL. International orders that are not within Canada, Australia and the United Kingdom/Ireland are shipped through our trusted transporters, including DHL.

Zulily shipping destinations

Zulily delivers worldwide, including customers in the United States (including all territories and APO/FPO/DPO addresses), Canada, Australia and the United Kingdom/Ireland. Mexico, Hong Kong, Singapore. To see the products that are that are available, select the country to which your purchases will be delivered the most frequently by clicking the flag icon in the upper right hand corner of the Zulily homepage.

Zulily's handling and shipping fees

Domestic shipping and handling begins at $5.95. Their free Economy shipping programs offer basic shipping and handling completely for free in the applicable shipping period after placing your first order and pay for shipping. Certain kinds of items that are multi-particle or bulky products can raise the cost of shipping and handling. Shipping and handling for Alaska as well as Hawaii, US territories or international destinations could be subject to additional costs. The charges are listed in the order summary you will be able to review prior to completing the checkout.

Return of items to Zulily

The item's eligibility to return or whether it is acceptable for return is indicated on the item's details page , following the description of the item. Returnable items can be exchanged to Zulily credit. Costs for shipping and handling could be charged. If you're not happy with an item that is return-worthy, you have thirty days to make your request for return via My Orders on your account. My Orders page in your account.

The shipping and handling options and the costs for items with the rocket ship

You can choose to divide your shipment in order to ship these items faster. The delivery options for all items that are able to leave their warehouse in just 1-2 days are:

  • STANDARDS - usually arrive within 6 to 11 days
  • The delivery date is displayed during checkout
  • The FASTEST delivery date is displayed at checkout
  • How is the time it will take to take you to place an order

Zulily's method is different from the way that most online stores operate. They place large orders after every event is over. This is one of the reasons they can offer amazing discounts on so many exclusive products each and every day. After that, the brand will send the items to them, and they then ship the items to you. Look over the description pages of the products for more specific information about the items. The time for shipping and handling range is determined by the item you purchase and the countries you want them delivered. When your order has been shipped to you, Zulily will email you a tracking code and you can examine the status of your order in My Orders.

Zulily Payment methods

Zulily accepts:

  1. Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express
  2. PayPal
  3. ApplePay
  4. MasterPass
  5. Visa Checkout
  6. Zulily gift cards
  7. Credit at the store

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Zulily strike-through prices are displayed on their products

If not stated otherwise the strike-through price shown on their web site is an estimate of the retail price that was provided the product to Zulily through their partner. The strike-through price does not represent an actual price at which Zulily has previously sold the item. Since they sell their products on the Internet across the globe this price could or might not reflect the current price at any date or in all locations Zulily cannot make assurances regarding the validity or accuracy of such information. It is impossible to replace the value of your own comparison shopping regardless of the strike-through cost information, if this is important to you in making a purchasing choice, it is highly recommended to conduct your own investigation also.

Certain of their vendors offer products for Zulily that isn't widely available elsewhere, or is only available to Zulily. For products in this category that are comparable -- but not identical to those sold through other retailers, Zulily puts the term "compare at" next to the strike-through symbolizing the savings you can make. The "compare at" price represents the seller's estimate of the original retail price of an product of similar quality construction, material and design that is sold elsewhere.

While pricing isn't 100% accurate, their purchasing team has years of experience in retail and collaborates with their vendors to decide the quality of an item in terms of the nature and quality of the material as well as the structure of the product. In the end, they believe that their "compare at" price is an estimate of the actual retail value of similar items.

Zulily is always striving to give you the lowest prices for their products however, they do recommend that you do the comparison yourself too. For items they sell as sets the strike-through price is determined by the sum of price ranges for every item in the set. For items of clothing that are priced higher in larger sizes, they combine the prices across sizes in order to determine the strike-through cost.

For international sales of goods made from U.S. to a foreign country, the strike-through price is the conversion rate in relation to U.S. strike-through price plus the if necessary, an adjustment for any additional charges which include items such as taxes duty, shipping, and other charges.

This means that the price of a strike-through might be different from the one you will see at a different retailer which uses a different method to calculate international surcharges, or where there are no additional charges.

There is nothing that can substitute the value of your own comparison shopping regardless of the strike-through cost information, if it is a significant factor for you to make a purchase decision we suggest that you conduct your own study as well.

What is Smart-pay? And how it functions

With Smart-pay, you will buy the item today and pay for it with multiple interest-free installments called "Smart payments." Smart-pay is only available to eligible zulily members and there's no need to sign up. Taxes applicable and handling charges are included in the initial Smart payment which will be paid to the method of payment that you used at checkout within five days of the purchase date. The remaining payments that are Smart payment(s) are due at least every 30 days following the first payment. It is important to note that certain payment methods, such as credit cards that are prepaid, are not accepted for purchases made through Smart-pay.

Does zulily ship internationally?

Yes! Zulily orders are delivered into customers in the United States, Canada, Australia as well as the United Kingdom/Ireland Mexico, Hong Kong and Singapore. To check out the countries that Zulily delivers to, click the flag icon that is located in the upper right-hand corner of the zulily homepage.


"Vouchers" are great deals which you can redeem on other websites. Vouchers can be purchased as other items on zulily. When you buy one, you'll get an email with a coupon code. This is how you can redeem the voucher. It is also possible to give the vouchers as gift!

Do they charge sales tax?

Yes, in WA, NV, OH, PA, NY, CA, and SC. They are required to collect sales tax in every state that they have physical presence.

Have you had an experience with Zulily? Do you have any good or bad experiences? Please leave a comment below to provide us with a brief Zulily review.